Color Run

It took two days of scrubbing with exfoliate but the blue finally came off of my neck and hair. It was worth it though. Worth every scrubbing shower. Because the Color Run was so much darn fun. Makes me wonder why I never did it sooner.

The night before I worked on the shirts for our team. I just wanted something cute and personal as a thank you for the people that decided to show up and support me in doing my first Color Run. I had plenty of time after scrubbing the house because my cousin was driving up for the event and I was waiting for her to arrive. I must have printed out at least twenty test sheets for the t-shirts and they all came out too dark before I realized that I needed to change the color ink in my printer. The lettering still turned out a little too green rather than teal but hey they looked great for a thrown together the night before (while I was talking on the phone might I add). Though the husband did take over ironing the logos on after I got mad because the iron wasn’t working and he had to tell me it wasn’t plugged in. Whew. What a blonde moment that was! I ended up matching mine with some cheap pink workout capris because well I love pink and I didn’t want to destroy my nice compression pants that I work out with normally. I had been trying to find white shorts but I couldn’t find any that were comfortable enough to walk in for 3.1 miles. They would either rub in between my thighs and cause irritation or slide down my hips because when I gain weight it all sits in my belly (making my belly bigger than my hips or the same size as my hips).

As a side note, in case you didn’t know, teal is the color for PCOS awareness. Hence the name, Pretty in Teal. I wanted to represent PCOS at the Color Run, it meant a lot to me and I really appreciated everyone jumping on board in my group to represent it as well. I wasn’t there to educate other people on PCOS (I do that enough on my blog). The reason I wanted to have Pretty in Teal was because often times having this disease has made me feel ugly (as I am sure it has other women as well), the hormones, the acne, the facial hair and the weight gain all can hurt our self esteem. And my goal this entire time for losing weight has been to gain control over PCOS, to feel better in my own skin and boost my confidence again. Hence the name, Pretty in Teal. It was a big deal for me. I wanted to do this 5k for me, to show that even though I have PCOS and it has made a huge impact on my health and life, I can still ROCK a 5k!!!!!  
The morning of the race, it had been a late night and we all woke up crabby due to lack of sleep but you just can’t be unhappy at the happiest 5k on the planet. Really, you can’t. The announcer is great, he works the crowd up while you are waiting for your wave to be released and hands out free stuff. Not to mention he has you dancing and yelling before you even realize what you are doing. Then the group gets released and you are off with a big group of people. Some running and some walking. Half of our group split off to run it (my husbands sister and friends), which was perfectly fine but the hubs and I stayed back with my cousin and her adorable 1 year old so we could all walk together. I was really frustrated at first about not being able to run it. I really wanted to, that was my original goal and it felt like a let down to not run. But it was my own fault, I had been training hard, doing great and then BAM spent three months not training and I had lost too much of my endurance. So I walked it and of course walking hurt at first too because I had let my endurance slip so much. I was even worried about completing it, but in the end I held strong, pushed through it and walked that whole damn 5k. We weren’t the only walkers, we weren’t the slowest walkers and we came in only slightly behind the runners. There were a lot more walkers than I thought there would be AND there was a lot of people walking and only running when they were about to go through a color station.
There were four color stations. Pink, which the hubs got DOUSED with. Blue, which I got DOUSED with. Yellow, which was too light to really see. AND purple, which my cousin got DOUSED with. After going through the first one we decided to have one person branch off (and the husband was great about it) and walk around the color stations with the baby, we were afraid of color being breathed in or getting in his eyes. But the minute they popped out the other side we rubbed our color off on the baby and the person so everyone still looked pretty colorful by the end. There was only one station where I wanted to smack someone, it was purple and she dumped half her bottle on my cousins head, face and neck. Now they are only supposed to be dumping color from the neck down. Not in the face. So it was irritating to say the least. But that was the only frustrating moment. Everyone walking around us was super nice and chatted a bit with us. There were lots of teens with their moms running, which was sweet to see. There was no jerks or people being overly crazy, though there was the guy who ran around shirtless for a bit screaming, but it was all in good fun. It was surprisingly fun and no drama at all! 
In the end, there was color everywhere! It bled through our shirts. It was all in our hair. It was down our cleavage. It was crazy. Everywhere. We ended up sitting down to eat breakfast and have coffee (on my front porch of course because I did not want to be scrubbing my couch) before we showered and I think that made it harder to wash off our skin. We all ended up using an exfoliate with a wash cloth. Luckily I keep a lot of exfoliate around, especially since I do the sunless tanning thing now (but haven’t had a chance to apply recently). But even after all that scrubbing, I ended up with blue still on my neck and a little streak in my hair that finally washed off this morning before work. My husband’s sister with her friends was staying in a hotel right near the action, so they washed their color off faster and didn’t have as much trouble, though my husbands sister had blue armpits for a bit afterwards. So if you go to a Color Run, take a shower immediately following, do not eat or drink coffee first! 
What I had worriedme the most was how everyone in the group was going to get along afterwards at the BBQ we were throwing to celebrate completing the 5k. There were friends of his sister’s we hadn’t met before and it was kind of the first time his family mingled with my family (we have spent 10 years keeping our families separated for one reason or another, mostly fear of personality clashes) But my worries were for nothing, everyone got along great and afterwards while we were BBQ’ing at our house, the conversation just seemed to flow. It was our first little party at the house and it was actually a ton of fun. The husband has BBQ skills and everyone loved it. It was just a really amazing time and we really liked the group we did it with. We even all talked about doing a mud run next or even the zombie run. Which got me thinking I should start my Couch to 5k plan again, so next time I will actually be able to run the 5k and not just walk it. Though there is NOTHING wrong with walking it, as long as I am moving my booty.
After my husband’s sister went home, the weather cooperated and cooled down for our evening plans. Which were simply, hang out around the fire pit with my cousin and roast marshmallows before passing out because it had been a long day.
Sunday we all just lazed around, chatting, catching up, playing with the baby, eating left overs and laughing at stupid jokes. I found that I wasn’t really sore. A few times I got up and was limping a bit, but nothing that didn’t work itself out after a few steps. I tried to concentrate on getting water in my system because sometimes I forget to hydrate after a walk like that. I expected my ankles to be sore due to the weight gain and they were, but nothing compared to how they used to ache when I first started working out. Which means I haven’t lost too much of my endurance after all. It made me really excited to train for another 5k. Like really excited. I really really would like to run one now. Plus I have a great group of people willing to have fun with me and sign up as well, which makes any 5k so much better! I have had my eye on a mud run for a year, time to train for it and convince everyone to rock it with me. 
I would do a few things differently though for the next color run…
I would have french braided my hair tightly, so that it was harder for color to soak in plus oiled it up the morning of. I would have applied sunscreen, whoops forgot that. I would have brought a wash cloth and a bottle of water to at least wash some of the color off before getting in the car. I would have brought my hydration back pack. And I would have trained to run it. 
There is always the next time!!! 


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