A Color Run and New Challenge…

So the results of the two week challenge between my Mom and her husband vs. me and my husbandduh duh duuuuuuuuhh. The husband lost a whopping 10 pounds (the jerk) and I lost a whopping 6 pounds. That put our percentage at 2.95%, which my Mom and her husband’s was at 3.5%. Damn, missed it by a tiny bit. (You can check out Week One here). I would have liked to see more and probably would have if I could have made it to the gym at all this week. So I decided to offer a double or nothing deal, we do another two weeks starting Monday and my Mom agreed, but she added in points for workouts. This should be interesting. I will post the details probably on Monday since we ares till hashing them out a bit. I really loved this challenge, it got me back into working out consistently again, which was great and it helped a lot with the clean eating. I have noticed that my PCOS symptoms have eased up and that my acne is disappearing. Can’t wait to see what happens after the next two weeks.

Last night was my second to last class of yoga.

I am desperately sad to have the beginners series ending. It has been a wonderful and truly magnificent class. The teacher is amazing. She was so good about working with each one of us to make yoga a wonderful experience. She made adjustments and each class had a different theme. Her love for yoga just radiated from her in each class. During last nights class the teacher talked about thanking our bodies and acknowledging what our bodies have been doing for us, banishing the negative thoughts that pop into our heads. For someone like me, who is truly hard on myself, this was a wonderful lesson. I felt my strength last night for the first time. I felt how it was easier to get into downward facing dog and hold the pose, the dreaded pose that I used to hate so much and would only spend a few seconds in before dropping to puppy. Now I feel better in it. I feel more comfortable. We also worked on going from downward facing dog to lunges last night, hard work and this week I vowed to work on the transition. We also worked on Warrior 1 and Warrior 2.

Warrior 1:


And Warrior 2:


We worked on Warrior 1 with a block against a wall and that felt really good for setting my legs properly. I have a lot of trouble with remember to line up my heels instead of my toes in Warrior 1. But the pose felt great and afterwards I was able to do it without the block or wall with minimum ankle pain (I have ankle issues from my childhood and from being overweight now as an adult). Warrior 2 was trickier, that is the one where we went from downward dog to warrior 2. Which was hard. I was sweating the entire time. I have to use blocks and trying to figure out the blocks and the poses, it was a lot but in the end I felt good about it. So I am putting it under poses to work on this week while at home.

The other pose I was pretty proud of was half happy baby and happy baby.



I actually could reach my foot on my right side but my left side I had to use a strap. That left hip injury still causes a lot of tightness in that area, so another goal is to work on it this week as well. See if I can get it to loosen up. There is another beginners series starting September 4th with another teacher who is also AMAZING. Actually I went to her Saturday class and fell in love with the studio after that. So I am debating taking the series with her as well, because I truly feel I could learn and build on what I just learned in the last 6 weeks. Last night before class, the teacher and I talked about my job and how yoga is really important to someone who does what I do for a living due to the crazy amount of daily stress there is. Between meeting strict deadlines, sitting in a chair most of the day and balancing a huge workload, yoga is for sure important to me and I plan to continue to practice weekly.

The Color Run is tomorrow and the husband took our groups signed waivers while I was in yoga, picked up all 7 packets last night and we will be handing them out to everyone as they arrive tonight. I gotta say, the packets are pretty epic. I haven’t opened mine yet but I plan to tonight.

I am for SURE using that sweat band tomorrow because it is supposed to be a hot one again. It has been two full weeks of 100 degrees but as the husband has been saying, “the sweat will make the color stick better.” Heehee. Positive thoughts at its best right there. I am starting to get really excited. this is going to be a lot of fun. Tonight I am working on shirts for us. I have the iron, the sheets to print our team name, the teal bows to tie to the tank tops and the men folks tanks. After I deep clean the house, while the husband works on the backyard, I will be making all our shirts. I am just hoping for a reasonable bed time tonight because I haven’t been to bed before 11 p.m. in a week.
This whole week has been a no gym week because I have been running to one store after another trying to set up our backyard. I want a little area for all of us to hang out after the BBQ when the evening starts to cool a bit. But after pricing outdoor furniture I wanted to cry. Even the simplest set was going to cost us above $100’s. Every add on Craigslist I emailed had already sold their cheaper outdoor sets. I was feeling fed up. So I found an idea on Pinterest and even though I am not 100% sure it will work, I am optimistic and it only cost $30 compared to well over $100. So last night we headed to our local Home Depot and got our supplies.
Which is how we ended up with a backseat full of cinder blocks, joking about if someone rear ended us we would be squished by cinder blocks. Still couldn’t find my twinkle lights though, even though they said they had them in store, I looked EVERYWHERE. So I guess no go on the twinkly lights in the backyard. Someday soon I will have them, I might just need to order them from Amazon. In the works is a home improvement post update to talk about all the things we have been doing to fix up our little house, so I will reveal how our project worked out on that and final pictures of the backyard. Plus the new switch of the office with the spare bedroom and the paint colors we finally decided on. 
Stay tuned! Fun things are a happening around this house. Can’t wait to get doused with some color this weekend!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! 

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