A Little Bit of Hump Day Randomness…

It is Wednesday and I realized I haven’t written a single blog post since Friday. I have a few that I am working on currently that are about weight loss, yoga and PCOS but they aren’t even close to completed yet. Though I feel bad about that I have been super busy since last weekend. So today I am posting some ramblings about what has been going on, what is coming up and what is in the works for this weekend. Normally I don’t bore you guys too much over life ramblings because honestly my blog is mostly about PCOS, weight loss, some beauty stuff and getting healthy. I try not to bore you with details of trivial things, I don’t talk about my job because I have to keep confidentiality in a big way and I try not to bring drama into my blog space. I did that once, mentioned something that irritated me that a friend did, got called out on another friends blog post, which started a fight between us (not on our blogs but over texts) and our friendship has never really been the same since (and it was a couple years ago). So I try to keep my drama for my mama or my husband or sometimes my friends, actually I keep it for whoever I am chatting with and only if I feel is is important enough to rant about. But since all my other posts are half done, I got nothing, so I am rambling and rambling about all the planning that has been happening around here lately. Bear with me, my brain is a little fried with planning details! 

First of all I said on Friday that the weigh in for the two week challenge was on Monday, whoops, turns out I was wrong, which I was informed of this weekend via text (thanks Mom). The weigh in is actually Friday morning. Ha! I am so nervous about this weigh in, my eating wasn’t 100% and neither was my exercise but I still worked hard. I think I am going to need ANOTHER challenge in August, because at least there is no birthday parties with cake or road trips to knock me off course. You think I am kidding, I am not. I might just do another challenge in August and add in as many friends/family as I can! I am working on losing as much as possible before my vacation, first of all hello bathing suit and of course I want to have my endurance back to be able to hike around (there is a blow hole we can hike too and a few other trails that were mentioned) and walk all around the market to barter with the vendors in Mexico. I don’t really have a goal, I just want my endurance back, I want to drop the 18 pounds I gained in June and July and I would like my face to stop looking like a round pumpkin. I forgot how much my face rounds out when I gain a little weight back. Boooo. So hopefully this challenge has helped me kick some of those 18 pounds and then in August plus September I can kick the rest plus some.

Thinking of vacation, on Saturday we drove around to 4 different USPS offices to find out that they either only take passport applications during specific times (when we are at work) or due to staffing issues only take so many a day (and had reached their quota by 10:30 a.m.). None of which was on their website. Seriously, put it on your website if you are going to have restrictions like that! We finally settled for making an appointment for Sunday at the Central Library. Then we proceeded to hit the worst traffic ever making the 81 miles we had to drive to attend a very sweet little 2 year old’s birthday party take 3 freaking hours. Whew. But the party itself was great, I caught up with some friends from high school, ate very yummy foods and got to play with one of my favorite 2 year old boys. So worth it. In the end though we fought traffic to get back and we weren’t home till late. Since we were stuck in the car most of the day and we hadn’t gone shopping so we could have healthy snacks, I would say our eating wasn’t amazing but it also wasn’t horrifying either.

On Sunday I had a hard time getting out of bed, so the husband ran to the farmers market alone and then stopped by the house to pick me up for our appointment. Turns out the receptionist we made our appointment with forgot to mention we needed 3 money orders not just 2. So we re-scheduled our appointment in two weeks because we have the Color Run this coming up weekend. I got to tell you, this passport crap is making me so irritated. It has been a huge stress for me and the worst part of planning this vacation. I called the boat to double check we wouldn’t need it and they said nope, just bring a copy of your birth certificate and you are fine. I still want them but at least I won’t worry if it happens they don’t come in till late.

By the time we were done I was exhausted. So the husband was a total champ and ran to the store, pet store and bank while Bella Rue and I put our feet up with a book and some ice tea on the front porch. Which would have been a whole less sweaty if Bella hadn’t insisted on draping herself across my lap. That dog has a belly like a furnace.

We did get a front row seat to the weird weather though, which was sort of fun. Dark clouds rolled in with 91 degrees and it rained for literally 1 minute before heating up to a yucky 99 degrees again. Very odd behavior of the weather lately. Not the summers I am used too actually. It has been really hot during the day, then the dark clouds roll in with the wind in the evenings and it doesn’t rain but you swear it is going to. Some mornings it smells like rain but there is no wetness anywhere. 
Usually it is just blue sky’s around here in the summer and hot, even at night it usually unbearably hot. So weird. But at least the evenings are cool this year and we get that relief because after record heat for 2 years in a row, I am DONE, this girl don’t do heat well at all. I am hoping that this weather means our summer will end early and it will just pour for awhile. We really need the water after that last 2 years of boiling hot temps well into October. We are facing horrible drought conditions and watching natural bodies of water just dry up. Super sad. So here is to a really rainy fall, winter and spring. The rain soothes me in a way no other weather can. A rainy day makes me heart happy and I open up all the windows usually to welcome the rain.
After finishing my book and getting some down time I felt so much better. One of the hardest things for me to get accustomed to with PCOS is listening when my body tells me it is done. I do a lot. I work a full time job that I commute to, I have a house to run, errands to run, animals that need my attention, a workout schedule and most of my weekends are booked. So I tend to run hard and burn myself out. BUT I also know that if I don’t listen to my body, my PCOS usually forces me to rest and I have learned the hard way that it means a lot longer of a recovery. But if I listen early on and take a little bit of me time, usually I can get right back to it after a few hours down. Plus I am very lucky to have a husband that steps up when I need him too, if he notices that I am looking drained he will also suggest I sit down while he runs some errands or cleans up the house. It is really nice actually having that help, it wasn’t always that way but he really gets it now after years of watching me struggle with the symptoms of PCOS. 
Also on Sunday, when I felt better, we started on taking care of a few vacation things. We have never been on a real vacation together (have I said that enough??), we have never flown together (though we have flown separately without the other person), we have never gotten on a cruise ship together and working out all the little details is time consuming for us. The first 8 years of our relationship (are we really celebrating 10 years this year, WOW) was spent working around a bad economy, moving, finding careers and colleges, in my case getting my degree, in my husbands case stumbling back into the career he loves when the economy picked back up. It was rough and we didn’t have the means to plan any vacations, so we didn’t and we dreamed of the day we would. I am celebrating two years at my job and my husband is coming on to a year. It was finally time to start planning a real vacation and just in time for me to turn the big 3-0 too. So you can imagine how excited we are about our vacation but how incredibly clueless we are as well. We are learning as we go, talking to our co-workers about tips and Googling articles all the time. 
Sunday we worked on reviewing some more luggage online because we don’t own luggage and desperately need some. We also worked on the hotel for the night before, my actual birthday. We had originally decided to fly in the day that we were leaving but then I realized that didn’t leave any room for error. So we decided to splurge a bit for my birthday and get a nice room and have a nice dinner on my actual birthday. That way we would wake up relaxed the next day, have a free continental breakfast and be ready to get on board our cruise at 1 p.m. when boarding starts. So we finally agreed on the hotel we wanted to stay at (took a bit of debate between finding one close to the boat and picking one that wasn’t too expensive, some were up in the $250 a night range, WOW) and made a call to the front desk. I worked as a front desk clerk for years before I stumbled upon the legal field. One of the tricks I learned was to call the hotel directly after you have checked travel websites and online. The clerk can sometimes give you discounts that online wouldn’t allow, which was how it worked out in our case and we ended up getting a suite for a huge discount. We also figured out where we wanted to have my birthday dinner and it is within walking distance. We figured out how to get from the airport to the hotel and then to the cruise port, which happens to be only 5 minutes from the hotel (big worry I had was transportation without having a car there). Then I emailed the pet sitter making sure she was able to watch the furry lovies for the week. Took a long time to find a pet sitter we trust but we really like ours, she sends us pictures and leaves us detailed notes of each days happenings, as well as brings in the mail and leaves different lights on in the evenings. Good thing too because this will be the longest time we have left them, they are usually with us everywhere we go and to be honest, we have never taken a whole week away from them or hell in general. Figuring out these little details calms me down and makes me feel better. I just don’t want anything to go wrong. I know, I still have roughly 2 months to go but hey, I want it all planned out before September if I can. Plus planning my vacation has been how I deal with stress lately. Whenever I start feeling stressed I start Googling photos of the ship or researching ports or researching the hotel we are staying at or tips on how to make a cruise a great one. It calms me right down because planning the vacation is part of the fun really. 
Sunday night the husband and I stayed up late talking. I needed to clear my head about a certain situation and he is a great sounding board. So come Monday I felt a ton better about the situation but we were exhausted. So I cancelled our scheduled gym visit and we went straight home from work. We needed to just veg till bed time and of course I needed lots of cuddle time with the adorable Bella Rue.
I still cuddle the big dogs as well but it is harder because they don’t let me as often. Bella Rue ALWAYS is down for cuddle time and often curls up right in my arms. There are perks of having a small dog. 
The last couple nights have been spent getting everyone organized for the Color Run. We needed everyone to email their signed waivers to us so the hubs can go pick up ALL the packets on Thursday while I am in yoga. We are trying to pre-register everyone so we don’t have to be there till 8 a.m. because otherwise we would have to be there at 7 a.m. to register, ummm ewwww. Everyone will be here the night before, so we will just hand the packets out then and that way we can all meet at the race the next morning at the reasonable time of 8 a.m. I have been working on t-shirt designs and will be picking up the blank tank tops/t-shirts tonight so I can start actually ironing on the lettering. I am also working on ideas on how to put teal bows on the tank tops and possibly making some for the females to wear in their hair, which I will also hand out Friday night to everyone so they can get ready with all the gear on Saturday morning. We do have some males in our group as well, so they can choose to have some teal ribbon or not. 

BUT my project for today is the backyard. We are having a big BBQ afterwards and we want the backyard to look nice for a cheap budget. Basically we have lived in the house for 2 years now and have kind of just made the backyard the dog area.We cleaned it up when we first moved in, the old residences had just thrown trash out there all over, so it took a lot of work to clean that all up, cut back the tree’s, pull the ivy that was destroying the fence and trim the bushes. But we haven’t really worked on it other than basic maintenance. We have always wanted to actually turn the space into a nice area to invite friends or have BBQ’s because we have a huge patio out there but never got around to it. So we are working on that now. We have been researching fire pits, twinkle lights and seating.We need an area that can withstand our dogs but also make people feel comfortable. Our plan is, after the BBQ, once the day cool downs, we figured everyone can head outside and enjoy some s’mores around the fire pit. It will be our first backyard party. Woot Woot! So tonight I will be running around trying to find everything we need/want on our tight budget. 
I am not sure yet if I am nervous or just plain old excited at this point! Of course I originally wanted to run the Color Run but it has been a tough few months due to some emotional issues, some unnecessary drama and a lot of very busy days at work. To be honest, June the heat settled in and I stopped being able to run outside. Also June brought some horrible allergy symptoms for me, like I kept thinking I had a cold kind of symptoms, so it wasn’t easy physically training to run a 5k, so I didn’t. It has been a tough/emotional/draining couple of months. So plans changed and I will be walking it. I am nervous, what if I am in dead last because we are walking it, what if everyone runs and leaves me behind. I always worry. But in all honesty I have a great group who is going to walk it with me and we will still have a ton of fun getting blasted with color. The point for me was to do it for PCOS and to have fun with some family/friends. I can’t wait to see the after pictures of all of us soaked in color!! I also can’t wait to have everyone over at our house (most of them will be seeing it for the first time), have a great big BBQ and then roast some s’mores once the evening cools. It is going to be just a blast honestly.  
So as you can see there hasn’t been a lot of exercise this week but there has been clean eating most days.
And yoga is tomorrow. The beginners series is almost done and I am just so sad about it. I am really enjoying this series and the ladies I have been going with. But I am also looking forward to two weeks of unlimited free classes (a perk of signing up for the beginners series). I am thinking of trying out as many as I can to find my favorites that I will be attending weekly. Attending a regular yoga practice has been helping me in so many ways and I plan to continue it after the beginners series is over.
This week I have been working on these:


So there is my little bit of craziness and randomness this week. I am sure the blog will return to its normal ramblings about PCOS, weight loss and workouts by next week. In the mean time I am going to keep getting really excited about the Color Run! If you survived this long rambly post I am pretty proud of you! Seriously, way to go and thanks for reading!!!

What are you excited about this week???? Any cruise tips??? What vacations are you planning?? Articles you are reading??


2 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Hump Day Randomness…

  1. Holy crap, lady, I need a nap after reading all the stuff you've been up to. Busy bee!

    First, I loved that Meg Cabot series. Second, I've never been on a cruise but I know a lot of people have told me to make sure you get the second seating when it comes to dinner. Something about how the first seating is EARLY and you get rushed through it? I don't know, again, never been on one. And third, have fun at your Color Run!

  2. I am enjoying the series so far actually, didn't think I would like it but now I am hooked. Just ordered the next book today. We have the any time dining because I heard the exact same thing and also heard that once you get back on board after the excursions you aren't going to want to eat right away. So we choose any time dining, but great tip! Thank you 🙂 I am thinking the Color Run will be lots of fun!

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