Finally Friday…

I got to tell you, each day this week I was convinced it was later than it actually was, on Tuesday I was positive it was Wednesday, on Thursday I woke up thinking it was Friday, and this has all made my week feel super long. *Sigh* TGIF! We survived!

I am falling back in love with the gym. I like the clink of the machines. I like watching my muscles move and feeling the edges of fatigue as I get to end of my set. I like watching the muscle men with these crazy intense looks on their face as they lift and then throw the weights down. I even like the crazy lady in the weight vest using the pull up machine as a leg workout (you would have had to seen it to believe it). What I don’t like is the lady watching movies on her phone while working out and barely moving her legs on the machine that I am waiting on. I believe strongly in working out if you are on a machine unless you are taking a short rest period in between sets. Most days I still struggle with it mentally after a long day at work but once I am there I feel great. Something about being there makes me feel strong and healthy. Odd I know but hey liking the gym is half the battle.

I did a really great workout on Monday. 30 minutes of killer intervals on the elliptical machine where I sweated so much I was a little embarrassed and then chest/back day on the weights. Tuesday was just legs and boy was I okay with not doing an ounce of cardio. It is a necessary evil but I just don’t like it still. Maybe one day I can reach some middle ground with cardio.

Wednesday I had to get my paperwork for my birth certificate notarized and faxed to county records office. Turns out when you want to apply for a passport you kind of need your birth certificate. Luckily it should be here today, all I need to do is get my picture taken and I should have my passport application in (fingers crossed) by next week. I am going on my first real vacation since being a grown adult. Don’t give me that look. I know it sounds odd since I am turning the big 3-0 today but there was not time or the funding for vacations in my 20’s. There was a bad economy which lead to college classes and trying to find what both the husband and I wanted to do career wise, then there was entry level positions and working hard to keep our household afloat while surviving getting my degree in paralegal studies. But this will be the first time the husband and I are getting on a plane, flying together and then setting off on a cruise ship for 4 whole days to Mexico. I am so freaking nervous and now I am frazzled because I was procrastinating on getting ready. I don’t think I truly believed it was going to happen and now I know it is, so I am saving all my vacation time at work and now I have to get our passports ready. I have flights to book. A hotel to find. I have packing lists to make. A luggage set to order. I have been pouring through travel advice websites. Only a little over 2 months to go and I feel like I am running out of time over here but I am also super excited. In my usual paralegal fashion, I have set up a research notebook where I am keeping all my important details and notes stashed. Luckily there are not a lot of birthdays or anything going on in August and September, leaves some time for me to get organized and get ready.

Wednesday I also had to run to the craft store to find iron on letters for t-shirts for the Color Run happening next weekend. When did that get so close? It felt like it was so far away for so long, I thought I had plenty of time to make shirts and get ready but now it is a week away. UGH! So I headed to the craft store to hunt down a way to put our team name on our shirts. I couldn’t find any teal iron on letters (PCOS awareness color is teal) but I instead found these sheets where you design what you want on the computer, print it out on a regular computer printer and then use the sheets to iron them on somehow. Don’t know how they are going to work honestly, I still have to read the directions and I haven’t had time yet. So I figure Sunday will probably be spent trying to figure out how to iron on these sheets to some white tank tops and t-shirts. While also making some bows. The Color Run is in a little over a week and plans are still wobbly with the other people going with me, so I am just going to make my t-shirts and concentrate on building my endurance. I am sure the rest will fall into place and people will organize themselves soon.

Last night though was yoga and we are on week 4 of the beginners series. I feel stronger. Last night we went through the poses we have already gotten comfortable with and then introduced some new one’s in. Downward dog was the first new pose we brought in, up until this point we have just been doing puppy pose.

I struggle with downward dog so much and have since I began yoga. It hurts my wrists because I am not good at spreading out my hands and my elbows hurt. It is a really hard pose for me to deal with but the teacher talked about observing our feelings of resistance towards certain poses or sides of our bodies and how we meet with that resistance. I have always just given up on downward dog and gone into puppy instead. But last night I settled into the pose, it still hurt but not in an unbearable way that meant I was about to injure myself (because you SHOULD NEVER hold a pose that is hurting to the point of injury). The teacher discussed with us when we feel our muscles shake and then lock up, we need to back off because that is the danger area but if we aren’t there maybe we need to explore why the pose makes us uncomfortable, make some adjustments. So I did and it still hurt but I held it longer than I ever have before and felt a little better about it.

The next pose we worked on was triangle.

Not a pose I have ever explored much but I sort of like it. It felt really good in my spine and my legs. I had to build a block tower for my hand because I can not reach the floor but I felt good in the pose. Plus the teacher helped me a bit with foot placement so I would be better balanced.

The next pose we worked on was wide legged folded bend with twist (I don’t know the technical name).

Of course blocks were used in all of these poses and I struggled with this one a bit. It was uncomfortable to me but again not unbearable. So I settled into it the best I could and explored why it made me uncomfortable instead of immediately backing off the post.

The last pose we did was bridge.

This pose works your booty but I have been known to do it for exactly that reason. I felt good with this pose. No I can’t connect my hands underneath my body yet but this pose has always been a favorite of mine. Even with that the teacher still helped me with how I was holding my shoulders and moving my legs a little closer to my body. Which felt even better! I was able to sit in this pose even when it got slightly uncomfortable.

And that is what I mean by getting stronger, I don’t just back off of poses anymore. I have learned what is unbearable for me and what is bearable but just uncomfortable. It also really helps to have a teacher that is so willing to give you tips on how to use the blocks to help and even chairs. We have an older women in our class who does the yoga with a chair. Love it. Last night the teacher talked about competing, how we are so competitive with ourselves and those around us, she discussed how yoga wasn’t about competing and one of the hardest parts of yoga was letting go of our competitive nature in order to listen to what works for our bodies. I really loved what she was saying because I am pretty hard on myself when I can see other women doing the poses I can’t or looking more relaxed in a pose than I am. It made me stop worrying so much and instead start focusing on my body completely. It is a really great class and a great amount of energy. I have even started chatting with some of the other women before class and after class. I just find myself looking forward to Thursday night yoga and I am going to dearly miss it once it is over in two weeks.

This teacher and this beginners series of yoga have been teaching me so many things. It is a great lesson for life, learning how to settle into moments that make us uncomfortable and deal with emotions/situations/people that we feel resistance towards at first but eventually learning how to settle into those emotions and observe them before we react to them in the same way we always have. There is so much yoga is teaching me about my physical body and emotional responses to things. I can actually feel myself handling situations differently and reacting to things slower. I can feel myself settling into my body more comfortably and wanting to take good care of it. I am getting out of this exactly what I was hoping and more!

Yay for it being finally Friday. Boo for my weekend being a little booked up. I have two birthday parties to attend on Saturday, luckily they are at separate times but I basically won’t be getting much done at all on Saturday due to them. So Sunday will be my busy day of laundry, cleaning, making those shirts/bows and hopefully getting a really good workout in. Boo also for the week of over 100 degrees predicted. I see lots of shorts in my future. But since I just got my sunless tanner might be a good time to try using it!

Here is to hoping I can resist cake this weekend because my final weigh in is coming up on Monday for the two week challenge!!!! Even though I have been working hard and eating clean, the husband has lost a good amount of weight already (the butt-head), more than me, I am a little jealous actually and might end up losing his and I’s competition. Booooo!!! But hopefully I can still win the one with my Mom (no offense to my amazing mother).

Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂


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