Experimenting with Pizza…

Don’t let the title of the post worry you, I haven’t completely lost my mind and eaten a whole pizza. Nope. I am still sticking strong to the challenge/competition.

Last night was arm, back and I added in a little bit of chest in at the gym. I planned on swimming and then forgot my cap, blonde hair and chlorine don’t mix, so I stuck with the weights. It was actually a good night at the gym, mostly there wasn’t a lot of people clogging up the weight machines and there was surprisingly a lot of women working their muscles. LOVE IT! I always flex a lot after arm day just to see if there are any baby muscles popping up, I am convinced there are some. Either way the husband had to carry my workout bag out of the gym because DAMN I worked those baby guns really hard.

Okay so I have to mention something to you guys that I am super proud of. I am one of those women that hides in the bathroom to change. It is a lot of work. You get a locker, pull out all your clothes, wait for a stall, squeeze into a stall, get super sweaty changing in a small stall (half the workout right there), then finally get to emerge dressed, with all your work clothes in your hand, unlock the locker again, fold everything up and then put my shoes on. It is a huge amount of steps and I have always hated it but have never been brave enough to change in the locker room. Well last night I did NOT want to change in the tiny bathroom stall, so I didn’t, I changed right there in the locker room. No one stared. No one called me fat. No one even glanced in my direction. I walked out of that locker room feeling super proud. In my world it is the small accomplishments that really make me feel amazing!

Last night after the gym, the cat fish had gone bad, like smell up the house and not in a good way bad. I was about gagging and the husband wasn’t feeling much better about it. So we threw it away and started the dinner debate. We had just spent 45 minutes working our arms till we could barely lift our gym bags, it was getting late and we were hungry. Like snap at each other hungry. I debated going to Chipotle and getting a burrito bowl, but I had already had a tough carb day (ended up with with a whopping 128, whomp whomp whomp) and I wasn’t about to make it worse. We debated all kinds of dinners we could buy but in the end we both knew it would be better if we made dinner at home. So we looked down our dinner list and experimenting with the brand new recipe of eggplant pizzas sounded just like the right thing to do.

Now we couldn’t just eat any old spaghetti sauce in a jar because most have sugars added to them. So the husband made his own. The sauce with the meat was so yummy all on its own, I probably could have eaten a bowl full of that and would have been happy. I have no clue how to make spaghetti sauce and the husband tried to teach me last night but I got caught up in doing something else while he made it. Someday soon I will let the spaghetti sauce genius aka my husband teach me, until then I will just keep just enjoying it! It took some time and we had to do some experimenting but the eggplant pizzas were well worth the wait. 
We didn’t follow any recipe. We just took our knowledge of how to cook eggplants and worked with it. Basically we cooked the sauce and baked the eggplants for about 5 minutes on their own with some olive oil drizzled over them. Then we added sauce and cheese to them, popped them back in the oven and waited till the cheese got all brown and crispy. I love crispy cheese. I could eat fried cheese all day long, and have been known to beg the husband to make it for me on really bad days. I am drooling a bit right now thinking about it. Mmmmm. But unfortunately I have restricted a lot of my dairy intake right now for multiple reasons. I wrote a post about dairy and PCOS, also it just doesn’t agree with me most days sadly. Sad because I really love cheese. So we added a bit of cheese to each little pizza because it wouldn’t be pizza without it but I was good about limiting the amount.
Anyways, the eggplant pizzas were so simple and so easy and so yummy, I am thinking about adding it to our weekly dinner rotations. Of course it won’t taste like actual pizza because well um it is eggplant but it is nice to get the sauce mixed with the cheese on a fun little slice of eggplant goodness. Plus eggplants rock because they are full of all kinds of healthy goodies
After the gym the husband and I had popped into a new nutrition store that had opened up right by the gym for a couple protein bars for desert. We found the one’s with the least amount of sugar and that made for a really nice treat after such a yummy healthy dinner. 
Only 10 grams of carbohydrates and 5 grams of sugar. Plus they tasted really good. 
Yes I went a little over my carbohydrate intake for the day but that was due to a lunch time slip at work. But I am not beating myself up for it. 128 grams of carbohydrates is still better than what I used to eat and was making me sick. Plus it has been a stressful couple of days and I haven’t emotional ate or been a cranky mess. Honestly going to the gym makes me a much happier person, working out, eating healthy and concentrating on me, those things make me a well rounded and happy person. I am feeling really good and positive! Plus it is yoga night, YAY
What is your go to low sugar desert?

2 thoughts on “Experimenting with Pizza…

  1. Heck yeah sounds like an awesome day! I always flex after a good arms workout and hope to see new muscles, that is awesome!

    HAve you tried cauliflower crust for pizzas? I haven't but I stalk recipes for it and keep meaning to try it. I have tried cauliflower instead of potatoes for mashed cauliflower and for potato soup and have enjoyed it.

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