Thank Gosh For Fridays

It is FINALLY Friday. I got to tell you, I am really ready for this weekend. I am beat, the last couple of weeks have been emotional and stressful. Normally I run a pretty tight ship during the week: work, gym, home to pick up and cook, movie or TV show and bed. Keeps my life sane if I can keep it order but this last week has been all about the chaos I guess. Clean clothes spilling over the basket, cat dust balls blowing across the living room (damn hardwood floors), coat hangers everywhere and my counter is covered in unopened mail. Last night it all was bugging me so much I went out and had a glass of wine on the damn porch. Then I went inside, picked up my Kindle and read some very funny stories from two really funny books and laughed till I woke up the husband:


Anyways I am REALLY looking forward to this weekend of gaining control back over my house, emotional eating and exercising!

In the mean time I am linking up this Friday with an amazing blog for Friday Favorites:
This week I have been trying ALL the samples from my June Birchbox and BeautyBox5 this month and I got some pretty awesome samples. I might have also seen everyone’s IPSY postings and put myself on the waiting list. The husband thinks I have a serious problem but hello, who doesn’t love beauty samples? And to be honest, I love love love trying new products without having to actually buy them. I have found some great stuff that I end up buying and using on a regular basis. My two favorite products so far have been, the curly hair enhancer in my BeautyBox5 and the eyeliner in my Birchbox. The curly hair enhancer is amazing, all you have to do is wash, squirt just a little bit in and bam you have soft curls for the rest of the day. And the eyeliner has been smooth to apply, stays on a lot longer than any of my other eyeliners and looks fabulous.

I have been exploring different ways to put my hair back as it grows longer. I have been really trying to resist cutting it off this summer as I usually do because I like my curls when it is longer but that also means it starts bugging me endlessly. So I have been messing around with braids and pony tails with my bangs swooped back. Anything easy and simple.

I am obsessed with this song. Seriously obsessed. I listen to it on repeat every chance I get, usually while riding the train to work or while at work or basically anytime I get a chance to stick my headphones in my ears. I love it and I can’t tell you why.

Is anyone else eating cherries by the gallon? I am! On a funny side note, I was eating cherries for breakfast this morning and swallowed a pit. Which sent me into 10 minutes of Googling what could happen if you swallow a cherry pit. DO.NOT.GOOGLE.IT. It is as bad as looking at WebMD when you have allergies. Not helpful. I would rather have NOT known the worst case scenario. BUT it hasn’t dampened my love for cherries still right now. I am eating them like candy!

I am adoring this trend of high waisted bathing suits. Adoring it. I have ordered mine and I am keeping my fingers firmly crossed it looks fabulous. Even with the few extra pounds these last two weeks have helped me pack on.
I have this posted on my mirror in the entry level and I read it every morning before I leave the house…
TGIF! I hope everyone has some fabulous plans!


2 thoughts on “Thank Gosh For Fridays

  1. Aw man I wish I looked better in high-waisted bikinis. It really just looks like I have a large adult diaper on me lol. Have a great weekend!!!

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