This weekend I was really proud of how close I stuck to my normal eating. While out on Saturday the husband and I chose to spend $10 at Sprouts getting trail mix, apricots and water, rather than eating out or grabbing an unhealthy breakfast. I had two treats, one was a bitter blackberry pie that I instantly regretted and one was a sugary Starbucks drink that I also instantly regretted. Other than that I stuck pretty closely to what I normally eat during the week. That is a HUGE deal for me, normally weekends are a free for all and by Monday I am dragging myself back into clean eating kicking and screaming.

One of the things that is helping is all the fruit available to me right now. Especially cherries. I am a BIG cherry fan but there is only a small window of opportunity to get them (non frozen) before the season is over. So every time I see a cherry stand you can hear me screaming, CHERRIES STOP, for probably miles. It is a source of amusement for the husband.

I eat them for breakfast, for desert, while needing to mindlessly snack and basically at all times of the day. I get really sad when we run out and I have to wait till Sunday for the farmers market to roll around again.
I really love the farmers market. It is my favorite thing to do on Sundays. While people are going to church or sleeping in or heading out to brunch, I am rolling out of bed, pulling on yoga sweats and grabbing my Sprouts bags. I wander the aisles with my set budget, buying the normal from my favorite stands. There is the honey guy who swears his honey will cure my allergies (and actually they have lessened since I started eating a little raw), there is the egg guy who loves to chat with my husband, the fruit guy who is always PACKED with far too many people jostling elbows and the onion guy who sells bunches for super cheap. This weekend I discovered a fish guy who sells whole fish (head and tail) for a great price. We only bought one because we wanted to make sure it was of good quality but fish at the store can be super expensive so great way to save a few bucks. I even did so well on my budget this week I got a little bunch of flowers. Farmer market flowers are just the best. 
This weekend the husband and I discussed accountability. We are great about packing our lunches and eating healthy during the day but come dinner time and we are slipping more often than not. We realized it was mostly because we need a plan laid out each night for what’s for dinner and what workouts we are doing. That way there are no questions or wobbling room. After a really long day at work the last thing we want to do is ask the two dreaded questions, are we going to the gym and what’s for dinner? So I bought a white board from Wal-Greens that sticks to the fridge and on Sunday we came up with this weeks plan.
All the dinners during the week are super simple and meant to use up all the food left in the refrigerator from last week. Nothing fancy or major. If there is something fancy or new we are wanting to try, I put it on the weekends. That way we aren’t missing the gym in order to rush home to get dinner started. Everything on that list during the week only takes at most 30 minutes to cook or like the roast is an all day crock pot meal. My workout plan is simple, run training 3 days a week and strength 5 days a week. This week will be my first week getting up at 5 a.m. to run train. I am sure I will be tired and cranky this week, but eventually I know I will get used to it. I don’t do cardio at the gym because during high time (right after I get off work) every single treadmill is taken. So running in the morning should make it so I can get a run in and beat the heat. Fortunately most of the weights are free. It would seem that people are still under the impressions that pure cardio is the only way for weight loss, HA! The more articles I read on how to workout for PCOS, the more I see that strength training is where it is at. I am a huge fan of strength training and loath cardio anyways, so this is a win for me.
Today’s workout is back and chest, plus I am trying to do core every strength workout. I have come up with a rough list of things to do:
Bench Press
Dumbbell fly’s
Push Ups- Modified (still can’t do real one’s yet)
Cable Fly’s
Pull Downs
Cable Rows
Criss Cross Chess Presses
Bent Over Lat Pulls
I am still working on it during my breaks. I am really enjoying this whole make a list, print it out and bring it to the gym thing. It means carrying things in my hands which is a PAIN but it also means that I have set moves and I feel like I get a much better workout than when I wander around lost. I tested it out with arms last week and it WORKED wonders. I was sore the next day and worked my arms super hard. 
One of the things I have noticed at the gym is how intimidating it is to go over to the weights. Maybe that is why a lot of women don’t do it and stick over in cardio. When I walk upstairs to the exercise floor in my gym I usually stop to take a look around, I am figuring out where I want to go, what machines are open and just people watching for a few. I always notice the same thing, a lot of women on the treadmills running away or on the elliptical with a few guys scattered around as well and a LOT of men using free weights with only a handful of women brave enough to also do free weights. I get it, it can be super intimidating. I always feel a little awkward and shy at first. Usually my husband (who worked at a gym for a few years) has to help me fight for a spot in front of the mirror (only because they have mats, I won’t actually look in the mirror) and grabs the weights I need. But as I have gotten more comfortable I have noticed most of the guys are super nice, I usually have to fight for a spot at the cable machine a bit but if I ask politely most of the guys are great about it and polite back. 
Sunday the husband whipped up one of his very yummy low carb turkey burger chili’s for lunches this week. He even used fresh homegrown shallots from our tiny garden.
The chili is a great lunch, it has just enough of a kick to give it a great flavor but not too much that I won’t eat it due to my mouth being on fire. It is so easy to freeze and re-heat or just to keep in the fridge for a few days to throw into containers each morning with a little container of sour cream. No beans or anything carbie. Tastes great. I am ALWAYS down for those things.On the side I have my usual, carrots with white bean hummus, cherries, hard boiled eggs and a protein drink. Makes it easy to stay on track when I am not eating the same lunches over and over again. I was starting to burn out on chicken. 
I am really looking forward to a great week. Last week was really bad due to out of control PCOS symptoms, mostly due to a very high amount of stress and some pretty epic allergies that I thought was a cold. I only made it to the gym once but I stuck to my clean eating with very few slips. I am back on my iron pill and really working hard to just re-balance myself out since I can feel the pull of anemia calling my name again. I hate battling pure exhaustion on almost a daily basis and I know that my doctor would be telling me to take my iron pill, so I am back at a glass of orange juice with iron after dinner until I feel better. 
This weekend was especially about de-stressing, letting go what I can’t control and enjoying the things I can. Like making sure I have awesome looking nails for this week and keeping accountable for next week.
Sadly my family camping trip that was supposed to be next week was cancelled but I have a camping trip on July 4th to look forward to for the husbands birthday. We got some pretty awesome plans. We will be hiking to waterfalls and exploring Shasta. We are even going to dart over to Burney Falls (which is where we were supposed to go camping this week) to see the waterfalls. We are both just really devastated at not being able to camp there this weekend since we spent months looking forward to it but at least we will still get a chance to see the beautiful falls in a couple of weeks. 
Right now I am learning to concentrate on fun, exploring new areas, traveling, keeping everything low stress and not worrying so much about not having kids or who is doing what or why someone is acting the way they are. I even deactivated my FaceBook for a bit. I noticed I was spending more time worrying about others lives rather than my own. I was clicking that refresh button far too often and not concentrating on my goals nearly enough for this year. I will probably reactivate it eventually but for now I have really enjoyed having the extra time. I have noticed without FaceBook the husband and I put our phones down more often to chat. I have noticed I am more involved in what I am doing, as in I watch movies without having to pick up my phone to check FaceBook, I can sit in the car and listen to the radio without checking FaceBook (as a passenger) etc. Mostly I have noticed a decrease in stress. I no longer care what is going on with EVERYONE. I figure if there is something important people will email me or text me or call me. There are so many articles about how it can be hazardous on our health to spend too much time on social media, because it makes us compare our lives too often to others instead of staying focused on what is happening with our own individual lives. I would say that is pretty accurate. I think it is great to keep in contact with others as long as it is kept to a minimum but when I start to abuse it by checking it too often and getting upset about what people are posting, that is usually a big clue that I need to lay off of it for awhile. So I did and it has been great so far! 
So how was your weekend? Ready for a new week?


4 thoughts on “Accountability…

  1. I LOVE going to the Farmer's Markets. We have a couple small stands here that I love going to. Maybe it's weird but I swear the fruit and veggies from them taste so much better than what I buy in the grocery store. I'm desperately awaiting the arrival of summer squash and peaches.

  2. You have just inspired me to hit up our local farmer's market this week. Unfortunately, they are only open Fri and Sat, so I will have to squeeze it in on saturday. Maybe I'll walk the boys up there with Hubs. that's always a nice treat.
    Good call on the social media. If I find myself checking it too much I force myself to put the iPad away and focus on anything else.

  3. I am glad! Walking there would be great. I keep thinking I should ride my bike to my farmers market one day. It has been great not dealing with FB. I am really enjoying the break from the drama to be honest. I don't miss it much at all.

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