As I have stated before, May was busy, crazy, hectic and overwhelming. So this weekend I got it completely stuck in my head that the dogs, husband and I needed a break, we needed hiking, eating under the stars and a chance to put down our phones long enough to have a conversation or two. I never thought I was much of an outdoors girl per say growing up. My mom simply did not camp. No way. But my Aunt did and my sister did once she had her own kids and my friends did. So I did camping sporadically here and there. One of my fondest memories is of my Aunt loading us up in her lifted Toyota, driving to the river (on the actual rocks of the river), setting up tents and we spent the whole day swimming in the water before falling asleep with my cousin in our tent with the dogs. I even had to dig a hole to poop in. Another fond memory is of camping with all my uncles, aunts and cousins as a really young child, before we all moved to different states. Anyways my point is this, as a kid I loved running around in the woods and playing outside. As a teenager I spent a lot of time driving through the woods, partying in the woods around a campfire and taking long walks next to the ocean. I can hold my own outdoors but hiking and camping didn’t become apart of my regular summer life till I met my husband.

My husband is an all around hiker, camper and bike rider. I remember when I first met him he was all bruised up from riding his bike through the woods and flying over the handle bars when he hit a rock he wasn’t looking for. When I started gaining weight, we couldn’t hike, it was too hard on my ankles. I think that was hard on my husband who loved to just get lost in the woods. His idea of a good time will always be, the dogs, us, maybe a friend or two, a tent, a fire and a whole bunch of stars in the sky. So I vowed a few summers ago to get stronger at hiking and to get more adventurous at hiking. I want to be able to share in my husbands passions and to be honest I love hiking to beautiful locations that feel untouched by the modern world. Especially if there is a waterfall anywhere to be found.

As the temperature creeped higher and higher in the city on Saturday, we packed up the car, loaded up the girls (our 3 dogs) and headed out of the too hot city. We arrived at our favorite campsite, found that our favorite camping spot was open and grabbed it before anyone else could. We set up the tent, made the site looked lived in and took off for Bassi Falls. Now we discovered Bassi Falls those few years ago when I decided to get stronger as a hiker. It is an amazing waterfall that goes down the mountain over big boulders, carving swimming holes in them and making thousands of smaller waterfalls as well. It is a great place to hike to because it is so long that you can easily find some privacy to let the dogs run wild and to swim in without feeling stared at. Now if you have read my previous posts on Bassi Falls, usually we hike from the top and work out way down but this time we discovered we could hike our way up instead if we parked on a lower road. Score. Hills are my nemesis but I have been working hard on defeating them. We hiked all uphill, climbing over slipper boulders, peaking into holes in the rocks, swimming in the clear waters and laughing at the silly dogs. Turns out Bella Rue is a water dog like Red, Arya still won’t touch the stuff.

The husband dragged me off the path (even though the path itself was pretty over grown and wild) to do some off the trail hiking. Which meant rock climbing and lots of steep hills. I am not good at rock climbing (rock climbing in my book is just hopping from big boulders to smaller boulders so as not to fall in the water) but the husband was super patient with me and took my hand every time I freaked out a bit. I only fell once on my booty and boy did it hurt. By the end I was bruised, scratched and scuffed up but completely happy. The dogs ran themselves wild, I walked uphill so much my calves were screaming but I did it. I did it without any tears or complaining or quitting. Before when I have hiked Bassi Falls, especially in the beginning, I had to sit down a lot, I have even cried but this time there was none of that. If that isn’t a true show of how much stronger I am getting, I don’t know what is. The only time I screamed was when a snake was swimming next to me in the water. Baby gardener snake yes but I am petrified of all snakes, all of them. The husband was so afraid I was going to drown him in my attempt to get away from the snake that he practically threw me out of the water and back on to the boulder. Funny looking back but not so funny at the time. All of us arrived back at the campsite covered in dirt, sore but happy.

Later on we took a stroll across the reservoir shore to find a Geocache that was hidden there. It was a beautiful sunset walk over rocks and in sand. We found it though and took an alternative (faster) walk back to our camp in order to get there before it got dark. This meant the walk was straight up a steep hill. But with only one rest break, I rocked that hill and came to the conclusion that uphill isn’t so bad after all.
As the stars came out we cooked dinner and we got the treat of eating our dinner under the big dipper that was sitting directly over our campsite. It was a beautiful night with conversations just flowing out of us and we both slept like babies snuggled into each other (and Bella lying on top of us) on our deflating air mattress (we so need a new one). The next day we decided to take it a little easier, so we drove around the reservoir to get some good pictures and to find some Geocaches. 

All in all it was the perfect weekend. It was great to get some time alone with the husband and dogs. It was great to go home sore and tired. It felt even better to take a shower on Sunday. I wish we could have stayed in those 80 degree mountains just a few days longer but alas the real world was a knocking. It was 106 when we hit the city, yuck. I refused to turn on my cell phone until 8 p.m. because I just wasn’t ready to check in with the world yet. 
I am getting stronger. Even with feeling like a failure sometimes with controlling my emotional eating, my body is showing me that it is stronger. I could barely hike a mile when I first started. I wouldn’t have been able to walk the next day after such a big hike. But this time around it was easier one me, I was still sore but it was manageable, I still struggled on some of the uphill hiking but I did it and that is amazing. It is one killer non scale victory in my book! 


4 thoughts on “Stronger

  1. This sounds like heaven! I am trying to convince my fiance that we need to high tail it out of town this weekend. Fingers crossed! And well done on all the progress. It sounds like you really rocked those hikes 🙂

  2. Oh man, what a beautiful adventure! Good for you two…well, five. Glad you had a blast! Hubs and I used to hike and backpack all the time. This post made me miss it so much! Looking forward to taking the boys when they get bigger.

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