Check In Time…

Every Thursday that pink doughnut box appears on the common table at work, every Thursday I avoid the common area at work and then I went by this morning and IT IS STILL THERE. Sheesh someone eat the last doughnut and throw that thing away please. But I haven’t touched it. Not one sugary bite.


This week I have been really working on not starving myself, that way I won’t feel like making bad choices due to being irrationally hungry. I am keeping my calories up, making sure they are clean calories though and keeping lots of healthy snack foods on hand. One of the new things I am doing is snacking every couple of hours. I literally keep a container of something on hand by my keyboard, grapes, hard boiled eggs, hummus and carrots (my new OBSESSION) or watermelon. I also make sure I eat around 3:30 p.m. so that I won’t be tempted to skip a workout due to being starving. And all these little things are working.

I am really lucky the husband likes to cook because most nights I wouldn’t cook if I had to. And because he is such a wonderful cook, dinners have been great. Stir fry, chicken with Brussels sprouts and then I got a little bit of a cheat dinner of homemade mac n cheese with fresh veggies thrown in. After eating the cheese though I realized something, I feel better without a lot of diary in my life and cheese will only be a once in awhile treat from now on. 
(Stir fry made with this amazing sauce the husband created from soy sauce, honey and balsamic vinegar)
(chicken dipped in fresh guacamole and Brussels sprouts)
(Home mac n cheese with Gouda, Sharp Cheddar, Parmesan, Gluten free Noodles, broccoli, peas and bacon)

On Wednesday the husband was munching on cheeseballs (otherwise known as cheesiepoufs in our house) left over from camping and I about broke down right there. But instead I grabbed the hummus and carrots. I will be so glad when all the camping junk food is finally gone. The husband has slowly been bringing it to work and eating his way through it and I have been pretending it doesn’t exist.
My energy has been great this week. I think in large part to how I am eating. I also have had no stomach issues (except for a brief episode after the mac n cheese) and no crazy PCOS symptoms. The junk food I was letting slip into my eating was really upsetting my body obviously and the better I feel the better I am about eating healthy. I won’t step on the scale till Sunday though, so I have no clue if I lost any weight.

At the beginning of this week I came up with my accountability chart and it is working like a champ. Every time I thought about NOT working out I would look at my chart and remember, below 300 pounds is the goal this month. It helps that the husband has promised me new workout clothes if I succeed. Boo ya. I always love new workout clothes and right in time for the heat.
This week I did week 3 day 1 and day 2 of run training. Day 1 was the first hot day since I started training to run and it was also my first day back to it after a week of laziness.
I was really sore and I walked a lot more towards the end which sort of slowed my pace down. But I was really glad I got out there and did it.
Day 2 was yesterday and I was able to drop my pace down to a 26 minute mile. 
This run training also felt a lot better physically. My lower back was still cringing a bit and my left hip was giving me a little hassle (I injured it last year) but all in all I felt good. I ran really hard and was able to make it pretty far on most of my runs. The husband was amazed, he gave me a bunch of high fives and cheered me on. We decided to bring Bella Rue (mini dachshund) because she had been stuck in her carrier all week (while we worked) and even she was tuckered towards the end due to so much running. I really am proud of my progress. I still worry everyday about actually being able to run a 5k (3.1 miles) in August but I am determined to train as hard as I can until that point.
So far our training has been about distance. The path we run train on is 2.38 miles but we are thinking by next month we should push it all the way out to 3.1 miles (a full 5k), that way we know how much walking we are doing compared to running and can adjust training as necessary. I just found running for a certain amount of seconds (like in C25K) wasn’t working for me, each second felt like it took far too long. I prefer to run to landmarks, that way I can see my progress and can push myself a little further each time. Whatever works right?
In between my run training we headed to the gym for strength training of arms and back on Wednesday. Right now I am roughly doing all my cardio outside with run training 3 days a week and then heading to the gym 3 days a week for strength training with 1 day of rest usually. Sometimes I take an extra day of rest if I have plans, like tonight. We had planned on hopping over to the gym real quick before heading to the opening night baseball game for our local team (the husband and I both LOVE baseball) but we really want to get to the stadium early. Instead we are going to run to pick up healthy salads for dinner (so we aren’t tempted to eat at the ballpark) and then arrive early. We plan to more than make up for it on Saturday by doing a run training session in the morning and then knocking out a good strength training session towards the later afternoon. Sunday is our rest/prep day and also happens to be clean out the closets to get rid of the junk in them day and our clean up our yard that looks like a small jungle day. So it won’t be a rest day, I will still be physically moving around, I just won’t be hitting the gym or doing any run training. Which my legs will probably thank me for. My legs are so SORE from all the running this week!
It has been a great week. Lots of working on the things that make me and my PCOS feel better, getting adequate sleep, exercising and eating right. The husband and I have been working on our stress levels, which has been a huge help when it comes to not emotionally eating. It has been a pretty awesome week. The kind of week that pushes you to keep it up next week. Great motivation!
Because only 4 more months till my first 5k and only 2 1/2 months till my first camping trip this summer. 
So how has your week been?


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