A Little Winning and a Little Losing…

Yesterday my evil coworker brought in donuts again. I spotted the pink pastry box mocking me from across the room as I was passing through the common area. I wanted to dive on top of those donuts, grab as many as I could, run back to my cubicle and shove them all in my mouth. Instead I walked to the water fountain and had a pep talk with myself. I asked myself why I wanted those donuts? Was I really hungry? If I was, why not eat the watermelon sitting on my desk? Was I stressed? Did I need those donuts? How would all that sugar in a pastry form make me feel? Needless to say, I didn’t have a single donut, I would call that WINNING!!!

What I wouldn’t call winning though is the pizza I had on Wednesday (even if it was thin crust) and the Doritos I shoved into my face on Thursday (instead of donuts). It is my fault though, I made a serious booboo and forgot to meal prep this week. I claim exhaustion by the time my family left on Sunday. Actually it was more like LAZINESS. Happens. I assumed I would have time later on this week and of course I never actually had the time. But I did manage to eat somewhat healthy (besides the pizza and chips).

I have been desperately knitting each night trying to finish my project before Sunday. So I have not gotten around to making it to the gym to give my ID to them so I could activate my membership. Which means I have been messing around with my run training schedule a bit to avoid really rainy days. Stupid bi-polar rain showers, one minute it is all sunny skies and the next it is pouring down on my head. But I managed one suckfest training day on Tuesday and have another one planned for tonight. Rain or shine. Seriously, I will run in the rain at this point. I am desperate to stay on track. I have four months to train for this 5k. I am even thinking about running Saturday and Sunday as well, but they say NOT to run two days in a row if you can avoid it. *sigh*

This weekend is going to be super busy but that is okay because I get Monday off as a bonus. So Monday I plan on meal prepping, yoga and maybe another run training session once the husband gets home. There has been a few problems with serial rapist and women running alone being attacked in the city I live in, nowhere near my house of course (we live in a safe neighborhood) but the husband and I have been noticing a few suspicious people hanging out on the trail we run. There are trees and tall bushes, so after reading those news articles, I am a little more aware.

It is times like this that I am actually okay with being a bigger woman. I am not just fat, I am actually built pretty strong. I blame the excess testosterone from PCOS. The husband (who is military trained) has worked with me on how to punch, vulnerable spots, how to get out of most holds and other self defense moves. Amazingly enough I have never had to take a self defense class because of him. And the last time he worked with me I actually made him say ow. Not only that but I have been given strict instructions that if I run alone, I run with the protective Arya.
But I am also curious how other runners stay safe, so how do you stay safe when you run outside? Being a female runner in any city has to be dangerous. 
All in all it wasn’t a bad week. Next week I will meal prep and that will make a huge difference. And I will go activate my gym membership so the weather doesn’t dictate how much I run. Now I just need to learn to run on a treadmill and get over my fear of flying off the back of one. 
How was your week? How is your 90 days til summer challenge going?

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