90 Days Til Summer Challenge…

So this challenge was supposed to start on June 21st but since I had my family up for the weekend I decided today would be a much better start day.

So here is my plan for this challenge…


This is the biggest challenge I have, clean eating with no cheat meals for 90 days will be super hard. But I need it. I have noticed that a cheat meal for me tends to lead to a cheat day and then sometimes a cheat weekend. Which is exactly what happened this weekend. My eating wasn’t horrible but it also wasn’t amazing either. So I will be sticking with lean meats, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and my protein drinks. No breads or pastas or sugars or dairy.


This is easy, I am training for a 5k in August, so my run training will be happening 3 days a week. I will be concentrating on that, while also mixing in yoga 1 day a week and strength training all the other days of the week with only 1 rest day for recovery. I want to work on losing the belly fat and toning my muscles, while also getting ready to run.

I will be going home tonight and taking pictures in my current swim suit. I have no clue if I will EVER be brave enough to post those pictures but I want them so I can see the before and after results. I will however post my results, as in my before measurements vs. after measurements.

I only have 5 weeks to drop below 300 pounds, so this was really good timing. Plus I have a camping trip June 21st, first one of the season and I will need to be ready to swim in the waterfalls. I am planning on buying a new bathing suit right before the camping trip, so this will hopefully make me feel really good about the whole having to try on bathing suits thing.

You in??


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