Let’s see other people…

This is the discussion the husband and I had in the car the other day. It was like any other day but we both were trying to think of things to do this weekend and who we could hang out with. We have friends. I have a ton of childhood friends I grew up with. I visit them when I head to my hometown. They sometimes come to me. I schedule play dates with their children because I don’t have any of my own yet. We have a couple friends we love hanging out with but lately it has seemed like they aren’t interested in hanging out or just too busy. So we sat in the car and came to the harsh realization, we need more couple friends that share our interests. We need other people to hang out with. We always have these amazing ideas to do things like a game night, hiking trip, beer tasting, shoot some pool, go bowling and casino nights but we spent so many years establishing ourselves we forgot one thing, to make more friends. We have been so busy making a life, seriously. We made friends in college, we still hang out with them from time to time, we have work friends, we have childhood friends, we have family we love spending time with but in the end, we don’t have a lot of child free couple friends like us. Now that we have established our careers, now that we have worked out the kinks in our relationship, now that we are active, now that we are staying here in this city, now that we are happy and working on being healthy, we want couples that share in the same interests as us.

But the one problem is, how do you meet other people? It isn’t like we can go to a bar and pick up another couple, ask for their phone number, see if they want to set up a couples date, or can we? No, I am thinking that would be really awkward.


So instead I Googled how to meet other couples. I came up with some pretty epic websites on swinging.


But one website made a few good suggestions. Join a sports team and go to a meet up group website, like meetup.com. The first thing I found was a league for softball, the husband and I love softball and since it is coed we can play together. The spring league just closed but the summer league is coming up soon and we can join that one. While we are waiting we are thinking about joining volleyball (for me) and basketball (for him).

Then I remembered I was already a member of a website with interest groups, I was using it to keep track of the women’s circle I attend monthly, but she is doing that on Facebook now. So I went on there, explored a whole bunch and decided to join a few new groups. A group for couples without kids (whether by choice or infertility), a group for hiking with dogs, a group for 20’s-30’s couples looking for other couples to hang out with and a group for people who like sports. I have signed the husband and I up for a beer tasting, an art walk, a hiking trip with our dogs and a board game night that are all happening in the next couple of months. We are also debating bowling and a camping trip but we want to get to know everyone first.

When I told the husband about my brilliant plan, he looked at me and said, “so we are dating other people?”

Haha. Well yeah. Other couples. I am already freaking out. Will they like me? What should I wear? Will they think I am fat? Will they like my husband? Will we annoy them?


Oh vey. And you thought finding a suitable husband was the hard part eh? Yeah I did too!

Do you date other couples? Keep it clean folks!!!


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