Flattering my figure…

I needed some flats. Well to be honest I always need flats. I have this problem where I destroy flats within a few months of buying them. But the point was, I needed flats and the shoe store was having a sale. So I also found a pair of black wedges I needed as well because that is how it works when I walk into a shoe store. Now the problem with getting wedges was I had nothing to wear with them. All my jeans are a couple years old and boot-cut. Now I needed jeans.

Sometimes I am a creature of habit. I have bought boot-cut jeans all through out my 20’s. I have no clue if they are flattering or not, I just buy them because I always have. Even though in the last couple of years I have begun carefully picking out my clothes, doing my hair each morning, wearing nice expensive make-up and reading fashion magazines, my jeans are still the same style of jeans I have been wearing for far too long. But wedges don’t look good with boot-cut jeans. So I researched a new style. I have been drooling over boyfriend jeans and black skinny jeans for a year now. Seriously a year. But I just assumed that skinny jeans were for skinny people.

But now I had these wedges and they needed some boyfriend jeans or black skinny pants. So off to the mall I went on Saturday to see how much of a train wreck trying on different styles of jeans was going to be. I have spent far too many hours in dressing rooms crying over jeans that didn’t fit or looked horrible on me. Which means I hate shopping for jeans.

Imagine my shock when I saw that my normal size 22’s were out. Completely. I was about to walk away but I really really wanted a pair of boyfriend jeans. They look so adorable. The husband (who is amazing to shop with) convinced me to try on the size 20’s just to see what would happen. They seemed a little stretchy, so I might be able to squeeze in them. Once in the dressing room I slid them on with my eyes scrunched closed and buttoned the button. Wait a second, I did what? Yep, I buttoned them and had room to spare. So I walked out to the big mirror and showed my husband. By a vote from the sales lady, a young girl shopping with her Mom and my husband, I was to try on a size smaller. So here came the size 18’s being thrown over the dressing room door and again I pulled them up with my eyes closed. Again they buttoned. I almost fainted right then and there.
The size 18’s looked the best again from a unanimous vote, so the husband stole them and made sure that I was to buy those. I was now attracting quit a crowd of bystanders that were rooting me on as I tried on the black skinny jeans next. I ended up walking out with a size 18 pair of boyfriend jeans and a size 20 pair of skinny jeans. I could have gone down one more size on the skinny jeans but my calves are pretty big, so they would have been really uncomfortable on my legs. 
Not only did I realize that I am actually a size or two smaller than I expected but I also noticed that both styles were a lot more flattering on me. See I don’t have big hips or a big butt. I have a butt, but it is smaller. My boot-cut jeans were hiding it, making me look flat. My boyfriend jeans and skinny jeans both flatter my smaller rear end and make it look like I have one finally. See that is why you try new fashions. I finally found a flattering style of jeans for my body. No more looking in the mirror at my flat butt and getting frustrated. Not only that but I discovered I was wearing the wrong size and that is why my pants were no longer staying put, hence the yanking up. It would make sense. I also got rid of my wide legged slacks for that exact reason as well this year. Now I wear more form fitting slacks and they look a ton better. Just like the jeans, sometimes change is really good. 
I got used to using clothes as a way to hide my figure. Now I am working on branching out of that. Using clothes to compliment my figure. The boot-cut jeans, wide legged slacks, funky tops, they all made me look bigger. Now when I look in the mirror I see that I have a figure, I have curves and I like how I am starting to look with less weight on me. It is also funny how buying smaller jeans and realizing that you are making progress can really light a fire. I am ready to be out of plus sizes. So that is what I am going to work hard for, for the sizes on my jeans to keep dropping. 
After seeing my success with the jeans and how much it made me happy, the husband also made a deal with me, when I finally get below 300, he will buy me the bathing suit I want. I got my eye on a real nice one too for our vacation.
Seven years ago I was wearing a size 26 pants. Three years ago I was wearing a size 24 pants. Two years ago I was wearing a size 22 pants. Now after being stuck in size 22’s for the last couple of years I am rocking a pair of a size 18 boyfriend jeans. Wow. Who says women with PCOS can’t lose weight? Slow progress is better than no progress any day of the week. 
What style of jeans is your favorite?


8 thoughts on “Flattering my figure…

  1. I got mine from Torrid. I was going to order from Old Navy as well because they were having a major sale but I wanted to try them on first to check the style and Old Navy doesn't carry plus sizes in the actual store sadly.

  2. I hate that Old Navy stopped offering plus in store and that we have to pay shipping when we have no option to go in store. I love Torrid but there jeans fit me weird, a 20 is too big but an 18 causes muffin top.

  3. It was really frustrating when they stopped, I need to try on paint or else I have no clue how they look and a few times I have ordered really bad paints because of it. I love Torrid's jeans, but certain brands of theirs fit funny on me as well. I had to stop buying Lane Bryant's jeans because they got really weird. They'd be super tight in the morning and super loose by the evening.

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