Monday Memoirs


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I was always down for a good time as a teen through my early twenties. I stayed up way too late, yelled at people walking down the street from a moving vehicle, hung out with a ton of redneck boys and tried to hit stop signs with beer bottles. I know, far from the lady I am today. HA! Sooo I am going to reach back into the recess of my memories and tell you about the time I freaked out in a haunted house.

Okay so one of my best friends all through out high school loved haunted places and creepy things. It was an odd fascination but I found myself being dragged along with her most of the time. We were so crazy we hung out in the cemetery at night. Don’t ask.

So it is not real shocker that one night we were driving around bored. The party we were going to didn’t start till later and we needed something to fill our time before hand. So we convinced our friend with his truck to drive us out to what we heard was an abandoned haunted house. I have no clue why I agreed to go along with this but I used to hate scary movies and freak out over scary places. I don’t know what I was thinking but hey, I was young and decided you only live once.

This scary house was completely abandoned and off limits to the public. Probably because it was falling down. They had secured a gate at the end of the long drive way, so you had to park and walk. The house was completely out of town limits, where it was super dark (remember I grew up in a small town) and barely anyone drove by. So it would be super easy to park and hop the gate. It was a two story farm house with vines creeping up it and broken glass everywhere. Very scary house.

We drove out of the town limits to where it was really dark. We parked at the abandoned gate. We walked up to the house with only one damn flashlight (what were we thinking?). We walked upstairs, looked into the abandoned bathroom, glanced in the tub and there was a half disintegrated baby doll. No joke, one eye was missing, only one leg, the exact recipe for a scary movie freak out. I walked away from it to the attic and I swear I saw something moving in there. It was pitch dark with only the flashlight to light our way. I am sure now that I think about it it was a raccoon or some wild animal taking advantage of the shelter, but my imagination was super active and all I could think about was every scary movie I had ever watched. I convinced everyone to start heading out at that point. Too scary for this girl. On our way back by the bathroom I swear the baby doll had moved and I was done, I started running out of that house faster than you have ever seen a girl run before, screaming loudly the entire time, with no flashlight.

I ran down the drive, jumped that gate like it was nothing and locked myself in my friends truck. I scared everyone so badly that they started running out behind me as well. It took a long time for all of us to calm down enough to go to the party we planned on.

Afterwards, we sat around the fire with a beer and would tell that story over and over again. Each time it got scarier and scarier. Sometimes I still have nightmares about wandering around that house and not being able to leave. Freaky as hell but funny. As an adult I think back on that night and think, I could have fallen through a floor, what the hell was I thinking, that house was falling down around us. Or I could have stepped on a rusty nail. BUT I still giggle at my younger self running down the drive way screaming for dear life with no flashlight and my friends footsteps far behind me.

So what is your story? Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “Monday Memoirs

  1. OOo! You are stronger than I, my dear! No way you would have found me in that abandoned haunted house. We have a cemetery nearby that everyone refers to as “Hell's Gates” and we all used to go up there in high school. One time a friend took photos…yikes. Perhaps that will be an upcoming Monday Memoir for me. *shiver*

    Thanks for linking up with me!

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