Follow Through Friday…

Hey now, it is Follow Through Friday. Link up with these beautiful ladies!

I will be honest with you, I haven’t been doing much of any strength training this week. I kind of miss it right now and hope to be able to squeeze some in this weekend. What I have been doing is walking a whole bunch. On Monday I walked 3.01 miles, which brought me up to a total of 10 miles in 3 days. Woot woot. Summer means lots of camping and hiking, so I am working hard to get in shape before then. I don’t want to be the one trailing behind again like a couple years ago. Also I found this lovely trail to the river and I am hooked on walking it every chance I get. Plus it is 3.85 miles round trip.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I went to yoga. I just felt I really needed yoga this week. I am even debating going on Saturday morning as well. Yoga is seriously my happy place and helps me deal with all my anxiety.

Thursday I had a walk date with my Momma. I have no clue how many miles we walked (though she could probably tell you) but it is really nice to have a walking buddy every once in awhile that doesn’t have four legs and a tail.

Tonight I have a hair appointment (that is MUCH needed), so I probably won’t be working out but Saturday is either yoga or kettle-bells. Sunday I will probably do a long walk and some gardening.

I am actually pretty proud of this last week. I have been walking a lot and being consistent with my exercise. The only thing I am not consistent with right now is eating. It has been off and on. I had ice cream and pizza on Wednesday, booooo, but I had soup and a healthy sandwich the next day. I had Mexican food with my Mom on Thursday but I had a hard boiled egg for breakfast this morning. It would appear dinner is my trouble area still. I really need to work on that. So I will be food prepping this Sunday and setting myself up for a much better eating week!


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