Follow Through Friday…

It is Follow Through Friday. Yippee! So head over to one of these lovely ladies pages, grab the button and link up if you want to.

Yummy Food…

Monday-Wednesday I stuck to my low carb and high protein. I didn’t drink any sodas or candy bars or cookies. Even while my coworkers were eating tostada’s, which is my favorite lunch day, I stayed strong with my tuna and cheese. But then Thursday happened. We had a pot luck at work, I made chicken enchiladas and cupcakes. Resisted eating the cupcakes Wednesday night but then all that food was laid out Thursday and there went my good week of eating. I ate 2 plates of nachos, whew wee. No wonder I didn’t want dinner last night. So as punishment I went to the grocery store after work and stocked the fridge with healthy food again. We will just consider Thursday my cheat day!

Work It Out…

On Monday I did a full body Kettle-bell workout because I freaking LOVE my kettle-bell. I just turned on some trashy TV (Keeping Up With The Kardashians, don’t judge) and got my kettle-bell on.

On Tuesday the Arya dog and I went for a run/walk.

I did great actually. I ran more than I walked. My back didn’t hurt as bad and I contribute that to the core workouts I have been doing, as well as the yoga. I would have walk/ran longer but Arya kept getting distracted by cats, dogs and people, so I only did a little over a mile because I couldn’t keep fighting her on a leash.
I went home after my walk/run and worked my arms/shoulders. I just pulled out my stability ball and hand weights while watching the State of the Union. 
On Wednesday I was feeling a bit tired and run down. Plus it finally rained. Exciting for those of us in a drought over here (lucky bums that have snow). So I cancelled my walk/run and just whipped out a booty, back fat and ab workout instead.

Last night (Thursday) I had MASS errands to run. Human food, dog food, money orders, toilet paper, you know adult crap. So I didn’t arrive home in time to work out which of course makes me super sad because tonight I have plans. I was thinking maybe I could squeeze in a workout before leaving to meet a friend BUT I know I don’t have enough time. 
Saturday and Sunday I have vet appointments, doctor appointments, a Super Bowl and about a billion more errands to run but I am determined to get in at least one more walk/run this week and some more strength training. 
As for yoga, I didn’t make it to any classes this week, which I knew I wouldn’t but I did do 20 minutes of yoga at home Monday-Wednesday after each one of my workouts. I am already seeing a lot of improvement in my core, balance and how tight I feel after a long day sitting at a desk. 
Goals For Next Week…
  • Workout all 6 days with 1 rest day;
  • Stick to my eating plan and PREP MY LUNCHES for the next week;
  • Find more kettle-bell workouts;
  • Make it to yoga class;
  • Stay positive; and,
  • Leash train my running buddy.
So how did you do this week?


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