Morning people scare me…

I hate mornings. I really do. To make mornings easier on myself I usually prep everything the night before. I will set out an outfit for work. I will put my hair in curlers so that all I have to do is just have pull them out in the morning. I pack my purse and if I have yoga the next night I pack my yoga bag. I even take all my pills at night because I know that if I did it in the mornings I would forget. My husband is a champ and does my lunch for me. He also reminds me to grab things while I am walking out the door looking presentable but feeling somewhat like a zombie. The dachshund has learned to do her own thing, she runs around after the cat and chases my husband around the house, leaving me to my own devices. The big dogs prefer to be outside barking at EVERY LITTLE THING. Even the cat avoids me in the mornings. I just don’t like mornings that start with an alarm clock blaring, especially since I get up at 6 a.m. It usually takes me my light rail ride to work, the walk to the office, getting to my desk and about 30 minutes of mindless work till I start to actually feel okay with being awake. So as you can probably guess, I can’t convince myself to workout in the mornings.

I instead workout in the evenings, which is just as hard after a long day of work to be honest. I envy those morning workout people, they get up, workout and then they are done. No need to come home after a long day of work and hold off on eating dinner because they need to get a workout in. BUT I just can’t do mornings. No matter how hard I try. Nope.

So what do I do to make working out in the evening easier? Well I made a list for you because I freaking adore lists!!

10 Things that are currently keeping me motivated to pour down sweat after a long day at work…

1. I workout at home. I used to workout at a gym but to get there every day was hard for me, by the time I was done with the gym it was waaaay past dinner time and I hated it. So instead I have slowly collected kettle-bells, resistance bands, hand weights, a punching bag and a big stability ball to workout with at home. I just store them in the hall closet and pull out what I need. A lot of my workout inspiration comes from Pinterest, I just pull out my Kindle Fire and do the workouts I have planned from my list of healthy inspiration folder. Now I do go to yoga in a studio but it is literally 10 minutes away from my house.

2. I leave my workout clothes on my dresser. My impulse is always to go straight to my dresser and pull out PJ’s but if I see my workout clothes I immediately feel guilty and grab those instead. If I am dressed, I will workout. Plus if I have to find my workout clothes I am just less motivated. They need to be in plain site where they can stare me down each evening when I walk through the door. I also keep a post it note on the front door jacket holder thing that lists my workouts for the week. That way there is no guess work once so ever and I have to look at it because it is BRIGHT PINK (the post it note, not the coat rack).

3. I record trashy shows, things like Keeping up with the Kardashians or Teen Mom 2 or The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (don’t judge, I watch educational stuff as well). Then when I have a kettle-bell workout planned or weights, I turn the show on and watch while I workout. That way I don’t feel as guilty for frying my brain cells with trashy TV and I have motivation for working out, I don’t get to watch the shows unless I work out. 

4. I download new music. I tend to get stuck on one song over and over again. Seriously. I will play it so much that I start to hate it and move on to the next. So when I know I have a run/walk planned with the Arya dog, I make sure there is a song I love on there or I download a new song to listen to. It has to have a good beat though, I can’t run to slow music. 

5. The husband cooks. He has always been the main chief in our house but now that I workout straight when I get home, he cooks while I workout. If I think about having to workout, then make dinner, I will skip my workout because I am starving by 6:30 p.m. So the husband being the champ that he is cooks during the week for us.

6. I come up with fun things to do during commercial breaks. Since the shows are pre-recorded I could just press fast forward during commercials but instead I do things like challenge myself to run in place during the commercials or do boxing moves the whole commercial break or some kind of cardio that gets my heart beat a moving. Doing kettle-bells is cardio mixed with strength training but it is nice to get that extra cardio in plus it challenges me to keep moving the whole time I am working out. I am working out at home, so I need to make sure I am constantly in motion.

7. I exercise for my sanity. Seriously. If I don’t exercise the anxiety gets pretty strong and I will start having massive panic attacks again. Not happy. So I tell myself when I want to skip a workout, “do you also want to not sleep tonight because you had another panic attack?” Trust me, it gets my butt in gear. I also list my goals to myself in my head while I am working out, right now it is, cruise cruise cruise and bathing suit season. 

8. I consider my workout me time. I can think my own thoughts or just clear my head. My stressful day at work or something someone said to me just fades into the background. I can just concentrate on me. Plus it makes me feel great to workout, I know it is silly but I instantly feel slimmer. 

9. It makes it so I take my bad day out on the workout rather than my husband. I can sweat out my bad day, push myself hard if it was a really bad day and then I instantly feel better afterwards. It has cut down on the snappy arguments between the husband and I when I have had a bad day at work. It is so easy to take out your frustrations on the person you live with, even the animals. I know that I have one of those high stress jobs and a workout keeps me from taking that high stress home. It is kind of my way of letting it go, getting it out of my system in a healthy way and then I can move on with my evening with my loves. It is for their sanity as well as mine. 

10. Last but not least, I reward myself with yoga after my workout. When I can’t make it to my yoga studio I do yoga at home. I try to do it daily. I workout hard and then I do a yoga routine I came up with. It stretches out all those sore muscles, calms my mind and just wraps up my workout. It is my favorite part of the night. 

So what tricks do you use to motivate yourself? I am always curious!


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