Follow Through Friday…

There is a new and fun link up that all the cool blogs are doing it, so of course I wanted to join in.


I’ve been pretty much rocking this new year new goals thing and it is making me pretty proud of myself.

The Good…

Last weekend after my Saturday yoga class we hiked 2 miles and boy were my legs SORE after taking last year off. But that didn’t stop me from walking all over this city looking at museums and the capitol on Sunday. When I logged it all in to my nifty exercise keeper tracker thing I burned like massive calories.
but rocked a 30 minute walk/run with the lovely Arya dog on Tuesday and we both did GREAT. Now that I am a non smoker and it is a new year, I am trying desperately to get ready for a 5k. On Wednesday I rocked another yoga class. Now last night I had attended to run again and was pretty excited BUT the call of taking down my holiday decorations and tree was too loud. It has been so busy this year I didn’t have a chance till last night. After I did that I started cleaning and well now my house is clean but I didn’t get a work out in, sad really. Tonight is yoga again and Saturday I am debating either yoga or a run/walk with strength training. I guess I will see how I feel Saturday morning.

This week there was a LOT of yoga because I had an unlimited pass to a new studio that I have fallen head over heels in love with. So next week I will be only doing yoga 2 days and adding in a LOT more run/walks and strength training days. I have roughly 6 months till my first camping trip happens and I want a new bathing suit that I feel confident in.

The Bad…

I wouldn’t say my diet is horrible but I wouldn’t say it is the best right now either. I had some pretty good meals. The husband and I made a killer dinner of game hen and brussel sprouts. We also did steak and sweet potatoes another night. Which falls into my low carb and low sugar eating lifestyle.

But there has been soda daily, lunch out at work and take-out, so much take-out. This holiday season I kind of went CRAZY with the sweats. I just ate without thinking and mindless eating leads to bad bad things. So I am currently reading…

And have agreed to start with another online group of women with PCOS the detox on the 13th, which is this coming up Monday. Whew. I need to go food shopping obviously because here are the guidelines…

My PCOS is MUCH happier when I ease off the sugar and I am hoping it helps with my anxiety as well. My goal is to detox off of the sugar so that I can kick start my weight loss again. I lost the most weight and felt the best when I was paleo.

So that is about it for this week! Some bad and some good. How was your week??


6 thoughts on “Follow Through Friday…

  1. Giving up soda is so hard. It took me a LONG LONG time. The one day I realized I couldn't remember the last time I had soda. Then I bought a Dr. Pepper to see if I still liked them… I do… but atleast now I can say no! I try to drink a gallon of water a day and I have to REALLY try to get it down so it doesn't leave any room to drink anything else!

    Thanks for linking up!

    Camo & Lipstick

  2. You know I felt the EXACT same way. Tried it a few times, sweated, most of the poses were hard for me and felt so embarrassed. It wasn't till recently, till I found a great little studio and the right kind of yoga for me that I realized it wasn't so bad. And it is so good for you, well for me it is 🙂

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