Turkey Day…

Okay how was your turkey day? Did you have a calm one or a exciting one? Did you eat too much? Did you not eat enough? Are you glad it is over?

This year I hosted for two adults, three children and two small dogs (plus my husband and I of course). The cat only puked once from the stress and I only suffered through one panic attack brought on by lack of sleep. So I count that as a win in my book. Actually in all honesty it was a really great Thanksgiving. Low key, no drama, everyone got along and we did nothing but have a lot of fun together.

Thursday morning the husband and I hopped out of bed early to start cooking. We got the bread rising, the ham pulled out to be brought to room temperature and the appetizers started. It was a great spread. By the time everyone arrived most of the appetizers were out, the pies just finishing up baking and the ham was almost done. So while everything cooked a little longer we headed down to the playground at the end of the block for the boys to play basketball and the rest of us played on the jungle gym with the two year old that had been cooped up in the car for far too long. Once back we opened up the mimosas, sat and chatted, than enjoyed a great meal together. The food was AMAZING and the special homemade honey glaze I had prepared for the ham was a HUGE hit. I rocked the socks off of my first Thanksgiving dinner.

On Friday we did some black Friday shopping. I ended up with some great presents and some pretty cheap work clothes from Macy’s. Major score. I got to tell you it wasn’t as crazy as I thought it would be except for one store. Old Navy. 50% off store wide and the line was wrapped around the store. People had been waiting for two hours to check out. So I turned around and walked right back out the door. Oh hell no am I waiting that long in line for 50% off. No way, no how. Friday night we headed to downtown for the Christmas light show and it was surprisingly cute.

On Saturday we headed to Apple Hill for my first live cut Christmas tree.
Which would have been a much better experience if it had actually been COLD and not 60 degrees. Which translates into too gosh darn warm for this time of the year. We have been dealing with record heat for MONTHS now but the weather man predicted last night that this week we would finally be seeing some gosh darn cold.
Either way it was fun wandering up and down the farm, looking at tree after tree. I had a specific criteria in mind. Not too bushy because out living room isn’t huge and tall (though not too tall to fit in our living of course). If I was going to pay $60 for a live cute tree, you damn well believe it better look good.
After we found the perfect tree, cut it down, got it loaded up next to my nephew in our back seat, rode the train, did some wine tasting, shopped at a cute farmers market and had a great lunch, everyone left to get on the road and we decorated our house. Pulling out each decoration and assessing the damage of having to throw out a lot of decorations from last year and making a list of new one’s we want to buy this year. We wrapped the presents we already had by the light of the tree and with the sound of Donald’s train whirring around its track. I am pretty shocked by how much we have our act together this year, we already have presents for mostly everyone on our list and I have a few homemade one’s completed as well. This is a big deal for us. Every year we bought presents at the LAST minute, which was stressful, crazy and overwhelming. This year we have been shopping and making one’s since October. Which means I have most of my shopping done and I am not stressing.
Now the train is new this year. The hubs has been begging for one to add to his little town for YEARS. So this year I went to a toy store and found one for him. It is absolutely adorable and the B cat was so fascinated with it.
At night, all lit up, it looks very romantic and sweet. This is why it is my favorite time of the year. I love the lights, the tree and the smell of pine needles.
Fun fact about my tree each year, each ornament is an ornament the husband and I bought for each other to represent that year spent together. We have been together for nine years, so that means there is eighteen ornaments on the tree. This year I already got the hubs ornament but he is struggling to find mine but I am sure soon he will, he always does. The first few years the ornaments were cheap dollar store ornaments and then as you get on in the years they get nicer. It is a fun walk down memory lane for us each time we put up our tree. I told him pretty soon we will need a much bigger tree though if we keep this up. It is one of those fun traditions we started of our own.

Sunday was spent catching up on laundry, knitting another Christmas gift, left overs and of course football.

(This only took me four hours to knit, you can’t see it well but it is an adorable ear warmer headband with a bow)
I got to be an Auntie the whole weekend which always makes me really happy. My nephew stuck pretty much to my side and happily chatted my ear off the whole weekend. My niece and I got to spend some time make-up shopping together, which was actually a lot of fun. My sister and I got some sister chat time. Everyone was laughing the whole weekend. There was no stress and everyone got along great. One of those really low key, drama free, great Thanksgiving’s. 
Now back to reality. As much as I really enjoyed the time off from work, it is sadly Monday and we are back to reality. Back to eating goals, working out on a daily basis and working on keeping the stress down. December is going to be a crazy one. I have a friend visiting this weekend. Family coming for an early Christmas celebration the weekend after that, as well as our yearly craft festival we go to. Last minute shopping for the hubs the weekend after that. Christmas the week after that. Work. Dogs. Exercise. This year has just flown by.


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