Gobble Gobble…

I love the holidays and secretly think I should have been born into a family that actually like’s each other. I do have a lot of cousins, aunts, grandparents, step parents, step siblings, but we all seem to be very spread apart geographically and where we are at in our lives. My dream is/was to have a HUGE family gather together every holiday, eat dinner, talk over each other, throw mash potatoes around, get rip roaring drunk, throw the past in each other’s faces, apologize, kiss, hug and play Pictionary. Preferably with snow falling out the window and romantic Christmas lights twinkling on and off. But alas, that is not my family and I guess that is okay. We have other charming qualities to us, like high blood pressure and anxiety.


I also dreamed of hosting a Thanksgiving but it took me a bit to get my act together, get a college degree, nail a great job, get the husband in a good job, get a nice little house out in the suburbs with a big yard for all my furry legged loved one’s and have more than two very small bedrooms for guests to cram themselves into. A few years ago I hosted once for the husbands family (when he was attempting to like them again), they are used to cramped spaces so they all squeezed themselves into my very small house and I headed to my Mom’s house to have Thanksgiving there. So I guess I can’t technically call that hosting, now can I? Shucks!

This year the plan was for my cousin to head over here, but her plans fell through and we swapped holidays. Which is okay, she is married now and has to accomodate the in-laws. Plus I get her and that adorable baby for Christmas. So my sister, my adorable teenage niece, handsome nephew and possibly two other tag alongs are heading up instead. Works for me, I adore my older sister and love spending holidays drinking FAR too many mimosas with her. I have spent a lot of Thanksgiving’s at her house, so I figured she owed me one this year anyways. I have them fully booked up with Christmas tree cutting adventures and whatever else tickles our fancy before they head back home.

Work leading up to Thanksgiving has been CRAZY HECTIC. Like far too many things on my to do list and eight hours a day is really not enough. And after work has been the same. On Monday we went to Costco and Winco. Costco was a zoo BUT I found two HUGE champagne bottles for $10, great find and now I have like a gallon of champagne for mimosas. Boo ya. The hubs found a case of beer and was happy. Other than that I wasn’t impressed for my first visit to Costco. Two people just don’t need bulk. So we ended up at Winco (grocery store) and people were fighting over turkey’s, seriously. I went near the turkey section to walk by it and some guy tried to ram me with his cart because he thought I wanted to cut in front of him to get to the turkey’s. Um NO, I am making ham thankyouverymuch. Tuesday we hit Wal-Mart up and we had to do it TWICE. No joke. The first time we got some things but forgot a WHOLE BUNCH of miscellanous food items, like cranberries and honey. So we ended up going again after our anniversary dinner. UGH! Have I ever mentioned that I like hate Wal-Mart. There are some crazy people out there right now shopping. Crazy with a capital C. Sooooo Tonight I plan on going home, no more shopping, taking one of the dogs in the vet for a check-up and then re-cleaning my house (even though we haven’t been home to make it messy), taking my dogs for a long walk and then putting my feet up with hot chocolate and a movie. Whew, I have deserved it.

AND tomorrow starts the cooking and baking. Want to know what is on the menu??? Okay, I will share and maybe if you are good, after I make the delicious food, I will post some recipes as well.

Finding a Skinnier Me Thanksgiving menu…..


  • Baked brie (love this simple dish) with crackers;
  • A cheese plate with homemade sour dough bread;
  • Salami with cream cheese (tradition); and
  • Veggie platter with ranch dipping.

Main course-

  • Honey ham- any other time I usually just buy a ham with a honey sauce packet attached but this year I found a great recipe on Pinterest and have decided to experiment with my own honey sauce for the ham;
  • Loaded mashed potatoes;
  • Sweet potato casserole (my hubs has a special recipe);
  • Carrots with honey and thyme;
  • Lemon bread;
  • Cranberry bread;
  • Fruit salad;
  • Stuffing from scratch- I usually use a box but this year we are doing things a little differently; and,
  • Fresh baked yeast rolls from scratch.


  • My great grandmother’s apple pie (seriously the best apple pie you have EVER tasted);
  • Pecan pie (per the hubs request, never made it before so wish me luck); and,
  • The traditional pumpkin pie, though I couldn’t find any fresh pumpkin in the stores, so I had to go with canned, boooooooo.

Now doesn’t that sound amazing?! DAMN RIGHT IT DOES! I can’t wait to start making it all and making my house smell nice. And they are predicting rain. I love rain. But after dinner I will need a nice long walk because damn will I be FULL to the brim. But left overs are the best!

I hope you have a WONDERFUL turkey day (or whatever you celebrate), filled with laughter and love. AND don’t forget to watch the Macy day parade, I haven’t missed it yet!


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