Labor Day Bike Ride…

The husband woke up at the butt crack of dawn and took himself to work. I woke up at 4 a.m. and couldn’t go back to sleep. So after a persistent kitty purred in my ear for an hour I finally got up, made myself some cranberry tea and started catching up on blogs. Something I rarely have the time to do anymore. Life is busy and I like it that way. I am greatly enjoying having plans and things to do.

This weekend started out like any other weekend. Some chores, some house keeping, some reading of my book and of course battling the bloody heat.

I have been trying to get the house ready for us to go out of town next weekend. That always means lots of laundry, bathing the dogs, finding a house sitter, making arrangements and ordering audio books so we won’t be bored for the 7 hours we have to sit in the car. But I am so excited to meet my godson, so freaking excited to hold his little body and even more excited to give him all the fabulous clothes I have been buying for him for a week now.
On Sunday the hubs got a real itch to dress up fancy and have a nice dinner somewhere. So we did. I might have even giggled when the valet opened my door for me and I desperately tried to sit like a lady in my nice dress. It was a real treat even if the bill made me whimper a bit. We even got to witness a beautiful wedding.
The hubs took Monday off with me and we got the bright idea to ride our bikes all around downtown, mid town and the old part of town to be able to visit all the festivities without having to find parking or pay for it. But first we had to meet the house sitter/pet sitter. She is good, all the animals warmed up to her real fast and she even waters our flowers, score. I feel a lot better knowing my monsters are going to be spoiled rotten while I am gone and they get to stay at their house.
Anyways I digress, Labor Day, bike riding. I had just had a basket installed on my bike and I was feeling super fancy, so I was more than willing to ride around, just so I could test it out of course.
I hadn’t been on my bike for a few months though so I assumed I would struggle. Turns out I didn’t. I hopped on my bike and made it to the light rail before you knew it. We got off in downtown and spent the rest of the day exploring food trucks, walking around gold rush days and having a blast riding our bikes/joining in the Labor Day festivities.
The clouds you see were hanging over our heads most of the day, some rain broke through but nothing we couldn’t handle plus the weather man had predicted the storms wouldn’t hit us. HA, little did we know that on our way home we would suddenly get pelted with pouring down rain and hail.
We ended up huddled under an overhang till the worst passed and then peddled home as fast as we could, just in time because it started pouring again. It was so humid afterwards as well but it did create the most beautiful double rainbow.
It was a great ride and even though I was worried about not being able to keep up with the hubs, I did great. I didn’t need that many rest stops, made it up hills no problem and even managed to walk around the gold rush days for an hour. Plus I of course looked fancy with my new shiny basket. All in all it was a great Labor Day.
How was your Labor Day?


2 thoughts on “Labor Day Bike Ride…

  1. So did you take your bikes on public transportation? How cool is that not to have to deal with parking!

    I love bike riding, but my hubs? Not so much. And like you, I love dinners out like that, but have to cringe just a bit when the check comes. YOLO!

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