Sleep and a good weekend…

This last week I worked on sleep. For years now I have been a night owl, staying up late and sleeping in late. It worked for me up until I got this thing called a career. Then it stopped working. While I was a full time student and working full time at an entry level position for the last 2 1/2 years, late nights were mandatory in my world. I didn’t have any spare time except for late at night after class. I literally ate dinner at 9:30 p.m., worked on homework, cleaned up the house and fell into bed exhausted around midnight or 1:00 a.m. It was horrible but necessary to get that beautiful degree that now sits on my shelf at work. I kept promising myself that once I graduated I would sleep like a normal person. I graduated in October of last year and it took me till last week to start getting to bed at a decent time.
It wasn’t till I realized that I was having some issues that were directly related to sleep deprivation that I even got serious about it. Headaches, stomach aches, brain fogginess, were plaguing me on almost a daily basis, not to mention huge mood swings and a crash around 3:00 p.m. every single day. I knew that I was never going to make it to the gym after work on a consistent basis unless I had enough sleep in me. It just wasn’t going to work. I was just too exhausted working a full day on 4-5 hours of sleep let alone working out. Most days I could only manage to go home and watch TV. So I decided to get strict on my schedule.
The first thing my husband encouraged me to do (okay basically demanded I do) was get a house cleaner to do the deep cleaning once a month. It was the best decision we have made in a long time (well okay one of them). Seriously. All I have to do is keep up on the basics and she comes in once a month to scrub the heck out of our home. I almost cried after she came over the first time it was that beautiful.

This eliminated me trying to stay up late to clean or skip the gym because I needed to deep clean. The next thing was to make the bedroom a distraction free zone. We put the cell phone plugs in the living room and bought an actual alarm clock (haven’t used one of those in YEARS). We don’t have a TV in our room and I have dark curtains already in there. So this last week I basically just started forcing myself to go to bed 30 minutes earlier each night. By Wednesday I was reading my book by 10:00 p.m. and out by 10:30 p.m. I had ENERGY when I woke up. I was chipper, I chatted, I didn’t get a crash at 3:00 p.m., no headaches, no brain fogginess, and it was AMAZING! The next night I tried a little bit earlier, reading at 9:30 p.m. and out by 10:00 p.m. and it was even better. So that is the schedule I have been trying to stick with. On Saturday I slipped and stayed up till midnight, but I just made sure I was back in bed by 10:00 p.m. the next night.
This week my goals are to take on the gym and get my eating under control. I am slowly reducing the sugars/carbohydrates I take in each day and I have come up with some fun workouts to encourage me to make it to the gym each day. Today I forgot my workout gear, lucky me, so I went home to do an at home workout. I have a stability ball, some light weights and a whole bunch of Pinterest workouts to do. So it works for me! Actually the 3rd bedroom has kind of become my workout room lately, so I think I will leave it with plenty of space to still go in there.
Tomorrow is something I am really looking forward to, a kettle ball workout.
Now doesn’t that look fun? Yep, I think so too! I can not wait to try it. If I fall in love with it I might just buy some kettle balls for the house as well.
I do have to admit that I had a pretty perfect weekend as well. It was low key but also a lot of fun. On Friday’s the husband and I try to do a date night each week. We have such busy schedules that it is nice to unwind together and talk about our weeks. We usually do a little retail therapy and then some dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. And hello 1/2 off wine, I was all about the Moscato. 
I had convinced the hubs to take Saturday off from his usual morning shift so we could yard sale. I was growing tired of staring at an empty spare bedroom in our house and yard sales always have great deals. We got up early (because hello all the good stuff is taken later on) and started off our adventure by mapping out our attack, after we grabbed coffee of course.
It turns out there were a ton of yard sales happening and we ended up following signs more than we used the ones we wrote down. I have to say that my favorite buy of the weekend was our chair. I kept walking past it, admiring it. It was a little old fashioned but in amazing condition. It had no tears, no stains and wasn’t bulging on the bottom like it was about to fall through. It wasn’t the color I had thought we would do in our living room but I just couldn’t help loving it. I had been looking for a unique chair for our living room since we moved in. I loved the idea of a plain couch with a fun chair ever since I saw someone else do it. The hubs was hesitant but he knows how weird I am about second hand furniture so he knew if I was loving it that much that it had to be a good buy. So I told him $20 was our limit and guess what, they wanted exactly $20. SCORE!! We tied it down in our trunk and took it home to air out on the porch while we finished. It doesn’t have a bad odor, I just washed the cushions (of course) and cleaned it really well (because I am crazy like that). It is even cat approved.
It is super comfortable and we must have re-organized the living room 6 times before we just settled on keeping the living room how it originally was set up and just sliding the chair on the side. All day we would walk into our living room and remark on how much we loved the chair. Now I just need a new couch and a big rug before I will call it done.
Also in our yard sale finds were a bookshelf for the spare room, beautiful dark wall shelf’s, tons of picture frames for my new prints that arrived today and a mirror with hooks for the front door area (needs some cleaning first though and possibly a paint job).
After that we lounged around watching movies on my Kindle and just being lazy as all heck. On Sunday I had a coffee date with a friend for her birthday. It was nice. We found a cute little coffee shop with beautiful gardens to sit in (and they allow dogs, think I just found my new weekend coffee shop) and we chatted up a storm. I arrived home just a few minutes before the husband got home from work and we had lunch together before deciding it was nap time. Nothing beats sweating while being spooned in between a 13 pound cat (literally the cat was spooning me, it was disturbing) and my heater of a husband. Afterwards he went out to shovel dog poo and I went to the office to organize our bills. I really should start opening my mail once every other day instead of once in a great while when I feel like it. This is what emails have done, made me lazy about my actual real mail. The rest of the evening we got ready for the week to start and hopped into bed at a decent time.
It really was an amazingly perfect weekend.

Today we got some good news in the form of a phone call that gave us a lot of hope. I am not ready to share the news yet on my blog because it is still something that is 6-12 months away and not set in stone but the phone call really just put a smile on my face today. Actually to be honest I almost cried.

Oh and one more thing I started last week was taking an omega 3 supplement. Whenever anyone mentions that a new supplement or diet or whatever could help with my PCOS I always do a ton of research (plus talk to my doctor) before trying it out. Sometimes things that people think will help actually make matters worse for me. I found some pretty awesome articles though on omega 3’s and PCOS.

“(NaturalNews) A higher intake of omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce insulin resistance, thereby reducing the risk or severity of type 2 diabetes, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of South Australia and published in the journal Public Health Nutrition.”
“The study was conducted on 126 adult First Nations Canadians living in the rural Okanagan region of British Columbia. A First Nations population was used due to the relatively high risk of type 2 diabetes among such groups. The researchers found that participants who ate more omega-3s in their diets showed significantly lower levels of insulin resistance, while those with a higher dietary saturated fat intake showed higher insulin resistance (and therefore were at higher risk of diabetes).”
“An April 2013 study conducted in Turkey, “Efficacy of omega-3 in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome,” took 45 technically non-obese PCOS sufferers and had them supplement omega-3 at a rate of 1500 mg daily for six months. This is only half of what many nutritional experts recommend.”
“After that trial period, the women showed decreased insulin resistance and less body fat. Most importantly, testosterone (androgen) levels decreased and sex hormone-binding globulin levels increased significantly after the six-month intervention.”

Read more here!

It was enough to start me on taking 2 pills a day, 1 in the morning and 1 at night. I do eat fish weekly but not enough to get the required dose, so I figured if I take a good quality supplement like my multi-vitamin I should get some benefit from it. Fingers are firmly crossed.
Whose ready to take on this week?? I certainly am!!!

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