Mountain air…

I didn’t ring in the 4th with fireworks or a day on the river, I instead made the trek up to the mountains the day before. The husband just turned the big 3-0 and he wanted to camp so we camped for 4 days. No work and no technology.

It is now Monday and I have one more day off before I am back to the grind of work. I have mounds of dirty clothes stacked up and tons of food to put in the pantry. But instead the Red dog and I are lying in bed, I’m listening to the soft snore of a happy old dog and thinking about pancakes. Yes pancakes, I love those carbilicious things!!

Nothing beats spending 4 days technology free in the mountains. I always come home trying to hang on to that peaceful feeling for one more day. But alas the minute I wash the campfire smoke smell from my blonde hair and bathe both dogs with 3 rounds of shampoo so that the water will run clear, reality sets in again. I’m back and back to the real world. Hello real world, I kinda missed you, mostly showers.

In the mountains the days are warm and evenings cool. When you tilt your head back at night there are millions of stars winking back at you. There’s no rush to things and the dogs can get as dirty as they want. Your biggest worry is avoiding poison oak and wanting to get in a warm shower. Most of the time a quick jump in the freezing lake is a good rinse down for both me and the dogs. I went to bed when I was tired and woke up with the sun, lazily snuggling into my husbands side. This is why I camp! Nothing beats that! Most of all I was proud of how I ate. Some sugar snuck in but for the most park I kept to my low carb, low sugar, way of eating. I even avoided chocolate pie on the hubs birthday Saturday. It felt good!

On the way home the husband and I discussed my overhaul plan. I promised myself when I came back from camping that things were going to change. I have lots in the works and I’m working out the details. I will be starting a sugar detox/carb detox as soon as I come up with the  rules. I need to eliminate what is making my body unhappy and a detox sounds just right. I also want to see what is hurting my weight loss versus what is helping. The husband is helping with the fitness side of things. Which might sound odd but he actually wants to be a fitness trainer so I’m his test dummy, works for me, I get a free trainer and he gets practice.

So by the end of this week I should have my challenger rules set out, before pictures and before weight to share with you guys, until then I better get to washing the 50 loads of laundry from camping! Oy. Vey!

How was your 4th?


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