Falling in love again…

I know, I know, I have been totally MIA lately!!! I have been re-evaluating, researching and getting my head screwed back on straight. I have also been enjoying my first summer off of school in 3 long years. I finally have a pretty nice tan (after a few sunburns even with sunscreen caked on), I have been spending a lot of time on the river, shopping for sun dresses, camping and gardening. I have also been spending a lot of time with my sister, niece, nephew, husband, mom and a few friends. I have been amazed at my little garden, eating fresh vegetables/fruit from it almost daily. While also thoroughly enjoying my beautiful home and watching the summer flowers I planted bloom. These are the moments I dreamed about the entire time I was pursuing my degree.

Over a month ago I started struggling with really bad stomach issues, to me they seemed to come out of nowhere, so to make them stop after 31 days of being a non smoker I did the dreaded most horrible thing and picked up another cigarette. It didn’t really help my stomach issues so I started researching. I looked back at all my recent purchases and my food dairy, turns out I was eating healthy during the day but slipping far too much when it came to dinner. There was even one day I went to two different fast food restaurants for dinner. WTH was I thinking??? Who knows!

Emotional eating has been a HUGE part of my problem with gaining weight since as far back as I can remember. According to my Mom it started around age 12 for me. I have been battling it ever since. It is a constant cloud hanging over my head and an elephant in the room, but fortunately I have been getting better about getting back on track after being knocked off track.

These last couple of weeks I have been concentrating on cleaning up my diet again. I am really working on eating low sugars and keeping to my calorie count each day. Already I can feel the difference it has made to my body. I have also quit smoking again because it seriously screws with my running, which was made very clear to me when I ran/walk 2 weeks ago. I was breathing hard, I couldn’t catch my breath and I felt horrible. YUCK!!!!!

But the biggest contributor to my getting back on track has to be falling in love with yoga again. My friend has been trying to incorporate yoga back into her life and posted on FB regarding needing friends to go with, so I invited her to join me for a Sunday morning yoga class I have had my eye on for a long time. It was hard. I almost fell over in the beginning due to my lack of balance and poured down sweat the entire time. But I did it, all 75 minutes of it and felt great afterwards. And I returned this last weekend for another yoga session with my sister. Unfortunately there was a substitute teacher and she was a lot tougher. I powered through though and boy oh boy I am so SORE today because of it but proud. It has become something of a challenge now to push myself to go each week to see if I can show improvement.

This morning I woke up to rain and the husband covering a shift at work till 7:30 p.m. I needed a way to work-out at home or go sit at the gym for a couple hours till he got off. I chose home and I chose running. I dragged my feet getting ready but I knew I needed to get out there and it was the perfect weather for it.

So I tied my shoes on at 5:15 p.m. and leashed up the Red dog.
Rain or shine Red dog is ALWAYS up for anything. The puppy hates the rain so I left her inside in her warm carrier. I snapped on my pouch and was so grateful I bought it last month.
It fits my keys, dog poo bags, IPhone and a water bottle (which I decided not to run with today). Plus it protected my phone from the rain. It sits comfortable on my hip over my compression pants, it doesn’t rub or fall down. It is perfect for running, I barely noticed it was there!
I snapped in my ear buds and walked to our favorite dirt path where Red dog can run free. My new IPhone has made it super easy to make playlists and so it took me a few minutes to come up with a running one I wanted to hear. Even though running alone at first is hard for me motivation wise I find that after the music gets to flowing and I start getting into the groove it is almost a peaceful experience for me. Red dog usually runs ahead sniffing EVERYTHING and I do not have to watch her much, there aren’t cars and pretty much no one is walking in the rain. 
I ran, I gave myself markers and ran to them. I ran till the sweat rolled off my face. I pushed myself hard and even raced the Red dog (who of course won) to my next marker. I walked when I needed to and ran when I wanted to. It was fun. The rain kept me cool but the mugginess kept me from getting too cold. Once I had to leash Red up again she ran by my side without pulling. I got home smiling, I now understand what a runners high is. It felt so good. 
Tomorrow the weather man predicts the same kind of weather and I am looking forward to another run/walk with the Red dog. She might be 10 years old but she is my champ and favorite co-runner. Plus I figured I might want to take advantage of this cooler weather because normal summer weather is 95-100 degrees around these here parts.
And because I was so super sore I put myself into a bath and started reading The Great Gatsby.
I have decided to not weight myself for a few weeks, part of my problem is I get too caught up in the number on the scale and let it side track me from the real goal, feeling better. Right now I am all about concentrating on how I feel and eating what my body enjoys me eating. Pretty soon I should be back up and ready to take on goals again and step on that scale. For now I am thoroughly enjoying falling in love with exercising again and eating lots of good healthy food!
But no worries, I did weigh myself a week ago so I at least know where I started from!
(Authors Note- Want to see snap shots of my dinners and fun pictures, follow me on Instagram, @Mrsparalegal or on Twitter at Findaskinnierme)


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