Blueberry breakfast madness…

I popped out of bed at an abnormally awful time this morning. I am talking about 7:45 a.m. This can probably be blamed on my warm bath, hour of reading and decent bed time last night.

(There is no alone time when there is a cat in the house, not even when you are in a bath)

(or while trying to read)

(good thing he is adorable)

So instead of rolling over trying to fight my body to go back to sleep I started hunting for a pancake recipe that didn’t involve milk. I have nothing personal against milk (I just can’t drink it plain); I just never buy it anymore because we never drink it anymore or eat cereal. Usually I have an almond milk substitute in the fridge but I forgot to buy some this shopping trip. I also realized I didn’t have any syrup. UGH! So I had two choices, I could go to the store in my yoga pants or I could find some alternatives (especially since most store bought syrup has high fructose corn syrup anyways).
I scored big time yesterday with 4 packets of blueberries that were only $5.00. (Do you know how expensive blueberries usually are? EXPENSIVE). I used some in our spinach salad last night with our homemade pizza dinner.
(Basically anything that was in the fridge that would be good on pizza well it got cut up and put on the pizza, so good)
But there was still 3 ½ containers calling my name in the fridge. But first a load of laundry needed to be started, a shower taken and the puppy’s high pitched whine had to be answer.
(Why can I not get a picture without demon eyes on these two? Frustrating)
She is an impatient little thing. After everyone got fed and I could start on my breakfast adventure I opened the fridge to realize it was a little warmer than it should be. Our fridge has been slowly defrosting things and re freezing them, we called the company but they aren’t open till Tuesday, so I turned up the temperature which kicked it back on and I got my fingers crossed it works till Tuesday because we just went shopping. 
In the meantime let’s get to experimenting with blueberries.
I started with the blueberry syrup

2 cups of blueberries (I used fresh)
½ cup of sugar
½ cup of water


I threw them all in to a sauce pan and brought the mix to a boil.

Once I felt it was the right consistency (think syrup look). I then mushed all the blueberries with a potato masher and put it back on the stove (low heat this time) to simmer a little longer. Once it looked like syrup I removed it from the heat and left it to cool. I didn’t mind the skins but if you do you can strain the mixture after mashing.
Next I made the whole wheat pancake mix that I got from SparkPeople and added blueberries.
After pouring the syrup I needed on my pancakes, I put the rest in a spare honey jar I had from the farmers market to be stored in the fridge (that is finally starting to cool off).
And stored the left over pancake mix for breakfast tomorrow morning with the husband on our first complete day off in weeks.
On the side I included some vanilla Greek yogurt, banana and blueberries (thanks to my Mom for this amazing idea) and it was so very good.
Everything tasted amazing. Personally I like milk over water in my pancakes but water is a good substitute when you are out of milk and don’t want to head to the store. As for the blueberry syrup I have seen a good recipe that included lemon juice and zest which I will try next time, this time I didn’t have a lemon sadly. The best part, I still have a 1/2 package of blueberries left for some more yogurt with fruit for my lunches next week.
While I go meet the husband for some laps in the pool you should go test out blueberry madness pancakes and syrup right now, tell me how you like them and any changes you would make!!

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