I woke up to the puppy looking ashamed and a big pile of puke in her carrier. So I spent my morning cleaning up the puppy’s puke this morning and trying to convince her to eat the big dogs food (luckily she did). I bought the wrong food on accident and it is making her sick, off to the store today to buy her actual food. Such a great puppy mom I am. It wasn’t like I woke up in a good mood either way. Easter and Mother’s Day are hard holidays for me simply because they are a harsh reminder that I struggle with infertility. One of the many joys of having PCOS. My mother sent me a text this morning to tell me happy mothers day, yes me, according to her raising healthy animals and helping raise my sisters 2 kids totally counts (in other words just being a good Aunt). It made me smile.

Yesterday I spent the day with my mom running. Okay we didn’t run the whole day but I asked her last week to run with me on Saturdays to help me train for my 5k in September. After a great 2 mile walk/run she made me strawberry pancakes. She makes the BEST pancakes. No joke. We ate, we talked, we caught up.  Seemed like the perfect early Mother’s day celebration to me. Just exactly what I needed after a bummer week.

Today I am spending the day catching up on errands and prepping dinners/lunches for next week. But first I wanted to run again.

I totally need new shoes. It was a beautiful warm morning and I wasn’t feeling too sore from yesterday.
But my lungs were not feeling it (day 10 of being a non smoker). I am assuming they are cleaning out or something but they hurt, I struggled to take in a deep breath and felt like I wasn’t getting any air in. Probably not a good idea to run 2 days in a row as a runner newbie, so I packed it up after 15 minutes and went home. Today is supposed to be my rest day anyways. 
I made breakfast and started laundry instead.
I thought about low carb pancakes again but I didn’t have any cream cheese, so I settled for scrambled eggs with sour cream and some juicy watermelon. While I watch my baseball team lose horribly. 
I have had a pretty good workouts this week. I rocked 35 minutes on the fat burning setting on the elliptical on Thursday, which is damn good for me since I usually only do 15 minutes. Did lots of good weight workouts and felt great about my run Saturday. But my diet has been in the pits. I have been allowing far too many sugars and processed foods in my diet due to being STARVING by the time I am done with the gym each evening. 
So today I am prepping away. Asparagus soup, yellow curry, a bunch of chicken, dehydrated snacks and possibly some baked treats. If dinner is super easy I will go home to eat it after my workout. It is all about convenience in my world, especially with a full time job, chores, errands, gym, animals to care for and a bed time to keep. 
How do you prep for the week? 


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