Why I started blogging…

Today I am linking up with the amazing fabulous, A Complete Waste of Make-up on why I started blogging.

I started blogging because my life needed to change. I was struggling with a health condition, being overweight which was aggravating my health condition and life in general. I needed a place to write everything out and share my frustrations in a productive way.

As I kept writing and got more comments, I kept blogging because it was great to get tips from other bloggers stuck in the same situation. It was nice to have some place to go. For the first time I didn’t feel alone or misunderstood.

Now as I write I am keeping myself accountable, finding other women like me and sharing what has worked for me on this crazy journey. I post recipes, tips, frustrated rants and humor filled stories. I write to cleanse myself of all that was bursting to get out of me for years.

I made a blog for me but I also keep my fingers crossed that one day I can help someone like me struggling with the same health condition!

So why did you create a blog? Link up!!!


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