Challenge weigh in…

This might be totally conceded of me but while walking to 7/11 for a snack I kept glancing at my bum in the reflections of the windows. Is it sad that I am totally proud of it? Well you would be too, so no giving me that weirdo look. I spent most of my life with a flat bum but ever since I started doing my booty workouts I have noticed there is a nice firm cute butt back there and I am proud of it. I am hoping to one day to have curves as well. I am shaped like an apple, fun fun but I kind of want curves, a defined waste with hips etc. Slowly I am getting there which was evident by this weeks weigh in. (Check out this posting to learn about the challenge I am doing with the hubs).

Beginning of challenge- 4/13/2013

Waist- 55
Hips- 55 1/2
Chest- 55
Neck- 19.5
Arms- 17
Thighs- 32
Calfs- 18
Now- 5/4/2013

Waist- 53
Hips- 54
Chest- 49
Neck- 18
Arms- 14
Thighs- 27
Calfs- 19

When I started my waist, hips and chest were pretty much even. Now my hips are staying where they are at (which is fine with me) while my waist and chest shrink. I blame the booty workouts for my hips staying put. So I have a chance here of gaining curves. Woot Woot! I am assuming I am losing an average of 1-2 pounds weekly, which is healthy according to the experts. I am an impatient little booger so I have been attempting to clean up my food slips in order to lose weight a little fast. I lose as long as I hit the gym hard even with my little treats of ice cream and chips. I am a sucker lately for chocolate. Someone help me!
So anywho, I finally broke down and bought a dehydrator, which has literally been running all weekend long. Apricots, apples, jerky made out of chicken, jerky made out of carne asade, mangos, pineapples, bananas, sweet potatoes and zucchini have all been drying away. The thing rocks and I snacked all weekend long on healthy nummy snacks. I have plenty more ideas for dehydrating things and plan on keeping tons of dried snacks around at all times for quick snacking. I seriously love the machine and might end up burning it out within a week at this rate. It even kind of makes me want to become a hunter so I could dehydrate my own deer meat, well except for that whole shooting Bambi’s mom thing.

I would highly suggest it for anyone who is cutting down on sugars and processed carbohydrates. Snacks were always a problem for me, when I wanted something quick it was just easy to grab a bag of chips, now I can just grab some dried jerky or fruit. I bought a $45 one at Wal-Mart and it works great. You can leave it on while you head to work or even while you are sleeping, well unless your kitchen is somewhat near your bedroom like mine, then don’t do that. I am thinking of homemade trail mixes and dried tomatoes next. I might even try to dry some of the parsley that I have growing like a crazy parsley bush in the front yard (the thing is almost 3 feet tall now).
Besides the drying festival going on at my house I totally didn’t do anything else. I did a lot of laying on the couch, eating dried fruit and recovering. I didn’t even realize it was Cinco de Mayo till I saw all these weird Facebook postings. Probably due to the horrible pain week I had. Here let me explain, on Tuesday I started getting some weird mouth pain, by Wednesday I was barely eating and exhausted. Friday came around and it was unbearable. I took Alleve and nada. I iced it and nada. So I made an emergency dental appointment. After some uncomfortable x-rays with someone who barely spoke English and some poking around by my dentist  bam, nothing. Absolutely nothing that would physically be causing me the pain. No major swelling or even anything bad happening in my mouth except 3 super shallow cavities that I am getting filled in a few weeks. Wow! So after some more confused questions on my part she suggested I cut caffeine and nicotine completely out of my daily life, they could be causing dryness which would cause pain or something along those lines. So I did. I haven’t smoked since Thursday night and I haven’t had any coffee since Friday either. By Saturday my mouth felt raw but better. By Sunday the pain was completely gone, like it never existed. I NEVER want to feel that pain again so I will be staying away from both for a long time.
On top of that the hubs had a wonky schedule so our usual Saturday off together was cancelled. So I worked out at home.
I love to DaNcE. I have been dancing since I was a kid. I have taken tap, jazz, zumba, ballet, belly dancing and a few others that are buried in the back of the abyss of my mind somewhere. I loved it but haven’t been doing much of it lately. So I turned on some kick ass music and danced my cute perky butt off on Saturday for 15-20 minutes. After that I used my new to me stability ball to do my favorite ab workouts and then used the small ball weights for some arms, had to up my reps though because damn those things have gotten super LIGHT to me. Feels good to know that even if I can’t make it to the gym I can still workout at home now. Since I am currently storing most of my workout stuff in the spare room, I have been kicking around ideas on how to turn it into a spare/exercise room. It is an idea in progress.
Today I tried something new for lunch. I ran out of mayo last night due to the hubs using the rest on our artichokes. So I frantically searched for an alternative. I ran into a bunch of websites that claimed if you mushed up some avocado’s with lemon juice and olive oil, it is like mayo. So I tried it an egg salad sandwich.

It was okay, not horrible but not amazing either. It’ll do for this week. But next week I am getting me some mayo.

I hit the gym today due to rain. I rocked the elliptical for a 15 minute fat burning session (changes the resistant’s on me every 6 seconds) first because there was something interesting on the news I wanted to watch (did you see the 3 women who were rescued after being missing for 10 years, WOW). Then I did weights and had to increase them by 10 pounds each. It feels so good to be getting stronger. To wrap it all up I of course used the stability ball. I am using a 10 pound medicine ball now (was using an 8 pound one) for my crunch while throw and sitting twist. I even did some wall squats with the stability ball. Boy, do those hurt. Well it all still hurts but I don’t mind, it means I am working hard, which is the goal here. Now I am sore sore sore but it is a good kind of sore, a sore that means I worked hard.

Hopefully the weather clears up so I can log in some miles tomorrow on the bike for May bike to work month. On Wednesday I have an appointment but plan on going home to start my Couch to 5k running program again, as long as it isn’t too hot (I should NOT be saying that in spring), if it is I will be hitting the gym again. Thursday is my rest day. Friday is another bike into work day. So for the most part I have an idea of what I want to do this week for workouts, I need to squeeze some Couch to 5k into the weekend and I of course love hitting the gym a few times just because they have all the cool machines. I found that making a schedule doesn’t work for me. I made workout schedules with specific workouts each week and if I couldn’t do one due to time or weather or whatever I would just not workout. So instead I just kind of keep an amount of workouts I want to do in my head, so I set a goal to workout 5 days this week or whatever and then I workout. No excuses. I do it at home or at the gym or wherever. It really does help!

I leave you with this adorable picture…

After dinner last night the old dog and hubs fell asleep together on the couch. Both snoring loudly. 

What do your workouts look like this week?


2 thoughts on “Challenge weigh in…

  1. Did your dehydrator come with a thing to dry things like applesauce? In college my roomate had a dehydrator and we would put the insert in and the applesauce came out as a fruit roll up consistency, very delicious!

    Glad you are seeing good changes in your physique…get it girl!

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