The good, the bad and the ugly…

I have been feeling so crummy this week, I don’t know if it is the crazy 20-30 mph winds, the record heat wave for spring (93-95 degree days) or just that it is a bad week. It was the start of May bike to work month and the weather basically made it nearly impossible to ride to work, but next week it should be easier due to mild weather predictions.

Are you riding your bike to work for May? I am, I vowed to ride at least 10 miles in order to help my company receive a total of 1 million miles. I figured it would be great motivation for me!

At least the vegetables are happy with the heat…

(the tomato has like 6 tomatoes and is getting HUGE)
(Artichoke, jalapeno and eggplant)

I took last week off from the gym due to a crazy hectic week of preparing for going out of town last weekend (post to come soon) but that is okay because the hubs gave me a week off of the lose weight competition. But this week I knew I needed to get back to the gym with no excuses.

Monday I got to the gym after work and realized that I had forgotten my headphones (major head slap). I still think that I can’t do cardio without headphones and I promised myself I would do at least 15 minutes of cardio each gym visit. So I started with the weight machines in order to put off cardio. I am working on less weight and longer reps, that way I can build lean muscles. After rocking the weights I finally decided to attempt some cardio without headphones. I discovered that the elliptical machine has this nifty fat burning setting, you set your time, weight and intensity, I started with 15 minutes at level 1. Basically the machine switches the resistance’s every 6 seconds and it ROCKS. I was pouring down sweat after 15 minutes and I got to enjoy the Chicago Bulls game! After that I did my usual medicine ball workouts, my favorites being a seated torso twist with an 8 pound medicine ball and crunches while throwing the 8 pound medicine ball at my hubs. I am getting a lot stronger because the hubs had to take a few steps back after a couple throws. NOW THAT FEELS GOOD!!

Tuesday I had massive allergy attacks so I stayed home. But Wednesday I was back at it. On Monday I discovered that doing the weight machines is perfect for the start of my workout because it warms up my poor cramped legs after sitting all day, I would highly suggest it for anyone that sits all day long, do weights first, warm up those muscles.

I did basically the same workout as I did on Monday, except I used a 10 pound medicine ball (how’s that for strong) and added a few bonus ball moves that I found on my favorite site Pinterest…

3 Challenging Abs Exercises with a Ball to Work Your Core From Every Angle - Shape MagazineNever tried this with the ball. Killer lower back, booty, and core exercise.

You want to work every inch of your abs, butt and legs, go ahead, give them a try. They might look easy but they hurt so good. I will be adding them to my workouts! Each day I am amazed at what my body is capable of doing. I can literally feel my body getting stronger each time I workout. It is the ultimate motivation!

On a side note.. got any exercises you love with the ball, send them to me, I would love to give them a try.

Thursday was my regular day off from the gym and today after taking the puppy to the vet (she was such a champ and weighs a whopping 36.1 pounds now, the vet said a perfect weight), running errands and going to the dentist, I have decided to do an at home workout planned with this beauty…

I have been wanting one for a long time so for the nights I don’t make it to the gym. Now I can still workout and the best part was it was free.
I will be honest though, my diet sucked this week. I haven’t been shopping in forever and I grabbed whatever was convenient. Not a good idea. I am a little worried about this weigh in due to it but we shall see tomorrow. I take 250 mg of Metformin daily to help control weight loss and the PCOS symptoms, it works like a champ but when my diet is poor even the Metformin has a hard time doing its job. I could up my dosage in order to see higher results but I would much rather do it on my own through a low carb diet. I don’t want to be on Metformin forever since I am mainly just using it to help till I can lose enough weight to control my PCOS on my own.
After much debate and a whole lot of discussing with the hubs we came to the conclusion that we need to stick to meat and vegetables, no more processed food. Insulin resistance’s thanks to PCOS can be a brat to deal with but I know that my diet is just as important as exercising daily. So after a ton of research, we finally went and got a dehydrator today.
After only spending $23 at Sprouts for vegetables/fruit for the week (same amount we spend at the farmers market) the hubs and I were eager to start dehydrating. So far so good, everything is coming out sooooooo yummy. There is even some meat (we are trying carne asada) marinating in the fridge for 12 hours for jerky tomorrow. It is a little weird to see our cupboard a little empty with only a freezer full of meat and fridge full of vegetables/fruit but I know in the end it will help with the weight loss if the crap isn’t in the house tempting me.
I spend a lot of time finding ways to make weight loss and controlling my PCOS symptoms easier. It really is a balancing act between eating the right foods and working out enough. Same days I still rage against PCOS and all that I have to deal with on a daily basis, but most of the time I just try to find a way to work with my PCOS. It is here, it is apart of me, minus well live with it peacefully. I spent far too long hating it and therefore hating my own body. 
Tonight I am making BBQ chicken with a nice personal salad. While I wait for the chicken to cook, the kitty decided to join me for some lounging…

What tricks do you use to eat healthy? Got any good dehydrator recipes? Got any ball workouts?


2 thoughts on “The good, the bad and the ugly…

  1. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I love that you got a dehydrator! I've been making my own fruit leathers for my brother's lunch and it's come out great (in the oven though…so it takes longer)

    I think cooking 100% of my meals has helped me tremendously in my weight loss journey.

  2. I hope you do too!! I am currently really loving the dehydrator, can't believe I took so long to get one. I am especially loving zucchini chips.

    I agree, eating out is always my downfall. Thanks for commenting!!!

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