On Saturday the husband and I did our weekly weigh in for our lose weight challenge. I lost 1 pound, 2 inches from my waist and 1 inch average everywhere else. By the time the week ended I had burned 4,356 calories for the whole week. This was slightly lower than the week before totals. While all of that is simply amazing, I hit a wall of sorts this last weekend. Here I am burning calories like a mad women, working out almost every single day, cardio with strength, eating low carb and I lost 1 freaking pound. Thank you PCOS! Insulin resistances can be such a pain in the booty most days, especially when it comes to weight loss.


One of the things I have had to learn about having PCOS is that I can’t look at how someone else lost weight and mimic that. I had to research my condition, find other women to talk to with PCOS (online and through blogs) and try new things constantly. It is a slow painful process losing weight, especially now that I eat.

Be nice to yourself.  It's hard to be happy when someone's mean to you all the time.

When I was seriously reducing my calories, I mean seriously reducing them, I was losing 2-3 pounds a week. But starving myself was hurting my body. So I eat small meals often, I eat as little processed food as I can manage and I work-out like crazy. I have learned that I can cheat on my diet if I work-out really hard one week, so I even allow myself a slip meal on Sunday. But I have no patience’s and my vision sometimes gets clouded by the negative.

Here I was dwelling on losing 1 single pound when instead I should have been thinking about the physical changes occurring instead. The rocking butt I suddenly noticed I had (hey now I have always had a flat one), the firmer muscles in my legs, my endurance increasing and a huge decrease in the horrible PCOS symptoms I have been fighting since I was 13 years old. Okay so it was 1 pound, okay so PCOS makes it really hard to lose weight and okay I haven’t been eating that great for the last 2 days but that is okay because sh%t happens.

J.K. Rowling

Thinking of diet, the husband and I have been hunting for a cheaper way to eat clean. We eat meats mixed in with lots of fresh fruit/vegetables. The fruit and vegetables are cheap at the farmers market, but meat is the biggest most expensive culprit currently in our food budget. I thought about going vegetarian just for that reason alone, but even though we do have vegetarian dinner nights I just don’t think I would want to give up my meat or the protein I gain from it. So after loads of research we found a butcher shop that sells packages of meats for a good price. We got 25 pounds of meat today for $75. Damn good price for 5 pounds of hamburger, 10 steaks, 6 chicken breasts, 14 pork steaks, a huge bag of chicken wings and 5 pounds of bacon. That should last most of May. Now all we need to do is visit the farmers market each Saturday for our veggies/fruit and stop at the store maybe once or twice for creamer, olive oil, etc.

In celebration I made a low carb taco for dinner tonight…

Just fried some hamburger meat up, added some pepper jack cheese, sour cream and salsa. Super yummy. I  am going to make another round for my lunch tomorrow. 
Since I have been mass planning and prepping for the husband and I’s romantic late anniversary weekend getaway I have been missing the gym the last couple of days. I am one of those crazy people that plan everything about a trip in advance. I have a packing list, a to-do before leaving list and an activity list. I am currently spending this week crossing off my before to-do list just in order to leave for the weekend. Come one now I am the women who deep cleans her house once a week, always has some project around the house going on, can’t go to bed till I have cleaned the house each night and has a to-do list constantly running on my phone. Of course I have a week long to-do list just to leave for the weekend. 
In the mean time to make up for the lack of gym time this week, I have a huge fun hike planned on Saturday and I am hoping this crazy allergy inducing wind dies down tomorrow so I can ride my bike to work. 
How has your week started out? How do you shop on a budget?

One thought on “Wall…

  1. Glad you are listening to your body and not starving yourself to lose weight. It's frustrating when weight loss goes SO slowly. It took me a year a half to lose 100 pounds and I'm glad. I lost the weight in a healthy way without starving myself or completely denying myself things I liked!

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