Self influence and sore muscles…

I can talk myself out of a lot. I can talk myself out of doing the laundry or folding the clothes or getting out of bed or going to the gym after work. I have amazing influence over myself. Lately that influence has been for the better, every day I have been working on the voice in my head. The beginning of my workouts are hard and I can usually talk myself into the bare minimum but lately I have been pushing past that voice to get to the one that says, “hell yeah I love this burning and sweating thing!”

That would explain why the heck I am still sore from Tuesdays workout. Who knew every single muscle could hurt? My legs hurt, my abs hurt and my shoulders hurt, ouch ouch ouch but I also feel proud. Tuesday started out with that voice telling me to only do a 15 minute workout and then go home. I ignored it. Instead I did the weight machines I love and then pulled out the medicine balls.

Ball Workout 1

Medicine Ball Workout

I used these as my inspiration and went for it. Sit ups, twists, squats, sit ups while throwing the ball to my husband, free weights while on the ball and lots of leg work. I even did the jump rope for a few minutes (and I haven’t done a jump rope since I had pigtails). After all that I noticed the kickboxing class was in session, I watched for a few minutes and it looked doable. OH… MY… GOSH… was I wrong. I lasted 10 minutes before my legs were burning so bad I thought I was going to collapse. So I left with my head held down. One day soon I will live through a 55 minute hard core kickboxing class. A new goal to add to my list!

Either way, I have really been concentrating on toning and weight training at the gym. I do a lot of cardio with my bike rides, racquetball and tennis, so when I get to the gym I really do concentrate on building those long lean muscles I want. I fear saggy skin!

I iced that night and figured I had beat most of the soreness till half way through Wednesday I realized uh no I hadn’t. I had every intention of working out the soreness after work but I had the WORST DAY AT WORK EVER. So I went home instead to wallow in self pity and vent a whole bunch. But I resisted stress eating, HA you didn’t win this time stress eating!!

Today I needed to work out because I try to NOT take 2 days off in a row, so to stretch out my very sore legs I took the dogs to the dog park via a walk. Thank gosh I did because holy crap spring is in full bloom and looking mighty fine.

It was a beautiful and quiet day at the dog park…
(Arya puppy)

(Now those are some happy dogs)
As a side note, when did my puppy grow up? She seems to have grown out of her monster puppy years. She walks with slack on the leash, sits before entering or exiting a door, sits to get loving and is even getting along better with the dogs at the park now. While the old lady Red dog is getting kind of cranky and selective hearing. I love my monsters!
I am sitting in my sports bra (which might be because I dropped BBQ sauce on my white shirt) and sweat pants ready for some stretching/toning I can do at home. I am hoping to kick this soreness to the curb for my morning bike ride to work tomorrow. Wish me luck!
On another fun side note, take a look at my little garden…
(Tomatoes, artichoke, sweet peppers, jalapenos, eggplant and chives)

(Snap dragon, one of the few flowers that survived Arya’s digging phase)

(Slowly sprouting up are carrots, a random farmers market plant and chives)
Who knew I had such a green thumb? Not I but I am thinking next year I can expand my garden some more.  Fresh veggies for everyone!!!
I am feeling strong and my 2nd weigh in is on Saturday for the husband and I’s weight loss challenge. The husband is even offering to pay me for each pound I lose till my birthday. I love how involved he is in this journey for me and his support has been a big push for me to work out daily. 
How do you beat sore muscles after a good workout? 


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