There are some days that are better than others. Some days I fight my health condition tooth and nail, screaming at the top of my lungs and collapsing in a ball of tears over my infertility. Then there are the days I feel strong and capable, I feel good in my own skin and know that someday I will overcome this PCOS. 

Yesterday was such a sad day and I found myself fighting the urge to eat crap food as a comfort. So instead I texted the husband and he suggested we head to the gym after work. The work-out started pretty typical, I headed towards the weight machines and worked out my arms till they felt sore. But I still needed something else, the weight machines just weren’t doing it. So the husband brought out these beauties…
I spent the next 40 minutes learning how to properly hit the heck out of the punching bag. By the time I was done I was pouring down sweat and feeling amazingly good. So good I even let the husband teach me how to play racquetball. There are just those days where you need to punch the heck out of something. 
Added bonus, I burned 997 calories and got some quality time with the husband. All of that put me in just the right mood to go home and enjoy a low carb dinner.
(Asparagus and tomatoes with Parmesan cheese)

(Big delicious salad with my homemade dressing)
I managed to keep my carb count down to 43 and my calorie count at 1300. Boo ya. Already my body is starting to show signs of feeling better now that I have stopped mass overloading on sugar. Stress eating is my nemesis and I will probably struggle with it for the rest of my life but each day that I overcome it I get a little stronger. 

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