Shaking off a couple bad days…

My house is a mess. There are little cat hairs sprinkled across the hardwood floors, dishes stacked up and laundry that needs to be washed. I have a good reason though. I have been thoroughly enjoying the beautiful weather and long sunny days.

I took a few long walks in the park after work during the week.

(Look at all those Daisy’s popping up)

(The squirrels are feeling playful)

(The trees are turning green again)
I have been attempting to walk a 5k because I can’t run one till I can walk one but only made it 2.74 miles last week. Oh well, I will try again this week. 
On Thursday and Friday I had the worst days I have had at work in awhile. It seemed I couldn’t do anything right and I was beyond frustrated. By the time Friday evening rolled around I was stressed out and feeling the urge to stress eat. So instead, Saturday the husband convinced me to take a really long exhausting bike ride. 
First stop on our bike ride was an old cemetery I keep seeing on my way to work each morning. Beautiful old graves fascinate me.  
After that we made it all the way to my work with barely any trouble. This was the true reason for the bike ride, to see if I could make it to work, so on good days I can ride to work instead of driving. It only took 45 minutes and that was with the cruiz around the cemetery and stopping for a train. At that point it was time for a short break at Starbucks, where I spotted an amazing vine that had managed to crawl up most of the building. 
After a very nice ice tea break, back on the bike to take a ride around the Capital.

On the way home we decided to make a pit stop at a bakery we keep seeing not far from the house.
They had some really delicious decently priced treats. I even allowed myself to have one chocolate chip cookie. But only one cookie and I had already burned so many calories. 
By the time we got home I was a little sun burnt but amazingly proud of my ride. A year ago I barely made it a few miles without feeling exhausted and hurting all over. Now I am riding 10.94 miles with barely any stops. Even though I am not where I want to be, I am getting so darn close. 
After that we worked on the back yard, the old residents left us tons of baby socks, broken glass, lots of plastic and dead kids toys buried under the fall leaves. After a ton of raking and poop scooping, we decided the dogs deserved another dog park visit. Since it is so convenient for us to take them, they are getting a lot of visits to the dog park, mostly because the puppy needs lots of socializing and the old dog is so happy when she gets to go. The pups gets better each time we go and us humans get to walk around the huge park to get some extra exercise. 
By the time night hit, us humans were too exhausted and sore to even think about cleaning the house. So it is time to clean it today, but first some breakfast. 

Ever get stuck on a certain breakfast item and can’t seem to stop loving it? I am currently madly loving scrambled eggs, sour cream and salsa. This morning I added in a banana (to help with my sore legs), some bacon and an orange thing that grows on our tree outside. 
Surprisingly yummy. 
I am feeling much better and hopeful for next week after a really good weekend. Exercise and sunshine are so good for the soul. But now it is time to get the house clean because that is also good for the soul.
Have you been enjoying the outdoors this weekend? What do you love doing on the weekends?


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