Inspirational women…

(Authors Note: I meant to post this yesterday but got really distracted by watching the last Twilight movie! So I am posting it now, just a day late!)

Nude pumps, my favorite pair of jeans, a fabulous new (to me) shirt and my shorter hair, I am in love with my outfit again today.

So in case you didn’t know, today is International Women’s Day and I got to thinking what this day means to me? Of course it reminds me of the strong women we have in our history, how we often take advantage of the privileges we now have thanks to some pretty tough ladies. Women can vote, we can work the same jobs as men (for the most part) and we have equal rights. These rights weren’t always ours, at one point we were considered property and if you weren’t a married woman you were nothing.
This got me thinking of what women in my life has inspired me?  I have the usual famous ones, Marilyn Monroe, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks and Jane Austen. But those are women I have never met. The one woman who has inspired me, that I have met, spent a lot of time with and love very much, my mom.
My mom is an amazing woman I am not kidding you she absolutely is. I stumbled upon a childhood box of crafts I did in school, I found projects where I was asked who my favorite person was, or told to write a story and they were always about my mom. First of all she worked hard my whole life. She went to work, sometimes worked two jobs, came home and took care of us (my sister and I). She did this with very little help. When I was a teenager she went back to school for her BA in a whole different city that was 4 hours away. She would driver herself back on the weekends to be with me, call each night to check in and ran herself ragged keeping up on school work/being a mom of a teenager (since my sister was mostly grown at the time). Now she is pursuing her Masters. 
 Above all I value the lessons she taught me: rely on myself, work hard, be independent, get a college degree, eat healthy, stand up for yourself, don’t put up with crap, never stop learning, always strive to be better and I am more important than anything or anyone else. She taught me to be responsible by encouraging me to get my first job at 13 years old so I could buy extra clothes for school, I worked the whole time I was in High School so I could earn my car insurance on my own car, I pursued my degree at night while working full time during the day in order to support myself, I pursued a career I am now fully in love with. The whole time I did these things she gave me nothing but support. Calling her, having her give me a pep talk only she can often times was the push I needed to keep moving forward. She doesn’t judge, she doesn’t push her advice on me, she gives loads of positive encouragement and she is always a phone call away when I need her. I didn’t always value her lessons when I was younger, but now as an adult I understand that everything she did and said was because she truly loves me and believes in me.
She was the fire under my buttocks when I realized I needed to lose weight and take care of me. She was the voice inside my head when I started college and then graduated. She reminds me that NOTHING comes easy or is handed to you. You have to work for it. I look at her and know that I might not want to be identical to her but I am proud of the traits I earned from her.
To be honest I am proud of who I am in general, I am a pretty inspirational woman as well. I am a college degree having career woman and I absolutely love it. I love paying my own bills and I love knowing that I worked really hard to earn every single thing I have in my life. I don’t give up. I am outspoken. I stand up for what I believe in. I hope that one day if I am ever lucky enough to have a daughter I can raise her to believe in her as much as my mom has inspired me to believe in me. I hope I can show her by my own actions that we can support ourselves, that we are important even if we aren’t married or having kids.
A couple other inspirational women shout outs… I have an amazing friend who has been in my life since Middle School. She works 3 jobs, is raising 7 kids and runs a business. She rocks, seriously and she came from a rocky background. My sister is raising her 2 kids as a single mom, working hard in a small town that is nearly impossible to survive in, she is fully engaged in all the kids after school activities and makes time to be a good mom as well as work a full time job. I am exhausted just thinking about all that they do on a daily basis.
Also in celebration of International Women’s Day I had a great lunch with the ladies at work, they are pretty inspirational as well!
What woman has inspired you? What did you do to celebrate International Women’s Day?

4 thoughts on “Inspirational women…

  1. Just now reading this, FASM. What a lovely tribute. The women who inspired me and continue to inspire me: my daughters, my granddaughter, my journalism instructor, a friend who went to Mills College (and inspired me to go back to school years later), all of my feisty women friends …

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