Long time since I have posted. It has been a long start to the year already and I have found myself severely overwhelmed.

Spring is creeping up slowly, I can feel it. The weather is showing mid 70’s for the next week, YES!! I have been in a funk for a few weeks now, not really eating right, exercising or cleaning if I am being 100% honest. I have been doing the bare minimum that I can get away with each day. But I have decided to shake off these blah blues and I started with going grocery shopping last night. I bought nothing but really healthy yummy low carb low sugar food. I am actually really excited about scrambled eggs, salsa and sour cream this weekend. Making my oatmeal banana pancakes again. Whipping up some green smoothies. Yum! I have actually missed eating healthy food and am really tired of eating out. I know, that just came out of my mouth, I am pretty shocked as well!!

This morning I woke up chipper, I put on a new to me dress with my boots, some make-up to make my blue eyes pop and my freshly cut hair up in a cute little up do  I am a firm believer in dressing how you want to feel. I feel amazing in this outfit. Well besides the static, should not have put the dress in the dryer for two minutes.
Anyways, spring, we were discussing spring. I always welcome spring in the best way I know how, by deep cleaning everything. This is the time I start cleaning out closets, rearranging furniture and making sure everything gets a good scrubbing. For the most part I can leave the closets alone since I moved recently, but I am looking forward to giving the new house a good spring cleaning scrubbing. I have been searching and finding all kinds of tips on cleaning on Pinterest. Nothing in my world feels better than putting on some shorts, pulling my hair back and scrubbing the floors on my hand and knees. Odd I know but it is how I put my world back together.

Also because spring is around the corner I am going to start planting this weekend, I have tons of little seeds to attempt, some already sprouted flowers that need to be transported into bigger pots and of course plants that need to be cut back a bit. I am excited to start on the back yard, it has been allowed to grow a little wild, I sort of like it like that but there is some pruning that does need to be done.

I have been enjoying riding my bike again with the slightly warmer weather. There is an amazing park a good bike ride away and it is beautiful to sit by the pond.

I find more and more reasons every single day on why I love my house and neighborhood. It really was a great decision to move!
All these things help lighten my mood. They make me feel good and are good little depression shakers. Almost as good as spending last weekend with my sister in our hometown (where she still lives). I am a firm believer that the best therapy for me will always be exploring tide pools, climbing rocks, taking long walks next to the ocean and drinks with my childhood friends/sister.

My sister also decided we needed to throw old shells at rocks so they could shatter and make us feel better, it did feel good to break those shells. Silly how the small things can help.
So it is already a week into March but I finally made some challenges for this month to keep me re-focused on my weight loss…
Replace Breakfast during the work week with a Green Smoothie
Prep a big batch of green smoothies on Sundays, separate smoothie mix into mason jars and place in freezer. First thing upon waking pull out smoothie to start defrost and drink instead of breakfast once at desk.
Supplies- Flat of mason jars from Wal-Mart and green smoothie supplies weekly.
Start- March 8, 2013
End- March 31, 2013
Get Some Sleep-
Start training my body make adequate sleep very important each evening. Starting at 9:00 p.m. start prepping for the next day, pack lunch, pack purse and pack work-out bag if need be. Also set out next day’s clothes, jewelry and shoes. At 9:30 p.m. lie down in bed and read. 10:00 p.m. lights out. Up by 6:30 a.m. each morning to do some yoga or go for walk. Shower by 7:00 a.m. Leave house by 7:40 a.m. On weekends can sleep in till 8:00 a.m. and go to bed at 11:00 p.m.
Start- March 8, 2013
End- March 31, 2013
I work out-
Challenge myself physically and get my running program underway. 3 days a week do couch to 5k program after work. On off days choose kickboxing or weights or a Pinterest strength training workout. Work on an area each time that I don’t like, butt, thighs and muffin top. Make schedule for length of challenge and keep to it. If need to substitute a day, make sure to at least do all 3 days or running program. Train for the 5k in September. (Schedule attached)
Start- March 8, 2013
End- March 31, 2013
RewardIf you can complete all 3 challenges without fail, you can reward yourself with a choice of one of these items:
·         A facial;
·         Brand new running outfit plus shoes;
·         Brand new work outfit; or,
·         Pedicure/Manicure.
I also have a Happiness Project I am working on with my sister, March for me is…
March-Getting stress and anxiety under control- Meditate daily, yoga once a week, focus on living in the here/now, be present in my life and each week research as well as try a new technique to de-stress or how to handle stress.
I have already been working on it. I am buying a journal to keep a stress log, a sketch book to draw in when I am stressed and some craft projects to work on when I am feeling overwhelmed. Plus I am trying to incorporate meditation in my daily morning ritual. The biggest part of stress management I want to learn is how not to stress eat. It is the biggest problem when I am losing weight and it needs to be better managed. 

Bring it on March, I have a plan and some fun ways to get back to taking care of me, which is the theme of 2013 after all!!

How is March going for you? Got any challenges?

One thought on “Spring…

  1. Welcome back! And happy International W Day!

    My challenge is making it through the week without biting anyone … or going to In-N-Out Burger. I have become addicted to fries and pink lemonade.

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