New year new challenges…

Oh boy I am glad that it is almost Friday. It has been the week, wait the month, wait the year from heck already and I find that I am plum tired. Every time I think I have a good grasp on the situation and can get back to my goals, boom something else blows up. I find I am disappointed in 2013 so far or maybe I am just disappointed with the people around me, either way, it doesn’t matter nor is it important.

What is important is getting my booty back on track. This is supposed to by my year to concentrate on me!
So I am working on a dream board for focus and motivation. I have been circling and cutting out pictures during lunch at work…

I am doing a happiness project with my sister to make it easier to concentrate on all those little things…
I am seeking professional help in the form of therapy. I know there are a lot of weirdness about therapy but truthfully I think having a safe place to talk to someone and having someone who is trained to help you find useful tools is better than having drinks with your girlfriends and complaining about life. Not saying that I hate having drinks with my friends, I love it. I just need something a little stronger right now to help me discover how I feel about certain recent events. I want to concentrate on the voice in my head right now. 
I also put together a more manageable work out schedule for myself where I concentrate on a few things for a few months before moving on. 
Beats eating cookies while sitting on the couch watching True Blood, Restaurant Impossible or sappy girl movies, which is what I have been doing for weeks now. Action feels so much better in my opinion!!
Even with the cookies, I have still managed to lose 3 pounds this week, boo ya!! The only thing I have managed to do right is eating and take my Metformin. The Metformin is doing its job and for the first time in a long time I can predict what my body is going to do. So that is one thing that has gone right this year so far!

Thinking of watching True Blood and eating, tonight was homemade pasta with meat and sauce…

Doesn’t look like much but tasted very good. All I needed was some wine and garlic bread, but I was too lazy to go to the store. I am resisting baking some oatmeal cranberry cookies, I probably won’t resist for long. 

How do you get yourself centered when you feel scattered? How’s 2013 treating you so far?

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