Carbs and Couch to 5k…

Holy crapola batman, you never know how many carbs you are truly taking in till you track it. I stopped tracking my food for awhile but realized I needed to again because it easy to ignore what you put in your mouth until you start keeping track. I needed to drop my carbs again thanks to my insulin resistant PCOS having body. I wanted to preferably shoot for below 100 grams a day but I won’t freak if I eat a little extra. I use the tracker on my SparkPeople app and of course the website as well. Easy peasy to track my food and free. I also track my fitness there.
Yesterday I was so exhausted from a craptastic night of sleep, so I stopped for an energy drink. The gas station was out of my zero carb ones so I settled for a regular. Yeah, big mistake, 31 grams of sugar alone. Luckily my olives, yogurt, string cheese and apple were a lot healthier for me. 

Lunch with my book.
No matter what the tracker says, I take out any carbs I receive from fruits and vegetables. Honestly I am looking at sugar mainly and processed carbs. That still left me at 93 grams before lunch and went up to 106 grams after lunch. It might have been the fun size Twix, okay so I ate 2 of those, darn it I hate Valentines Day. All that stupid candy lying around, commercials for candy and displays of candy just teasing me and mocking my low carb low sugar attempts.
I meant to take a walk on my lunch break but I got so caught up in reading the first book in 50 Shades of Grey I completely missed my chance. But I made up for it by taking a quick 10 minute walk around the building when I was running a document to be over-nighted, man oh man do flats not help support you at all. I would not suggest walking any kind of distants in them. After a few minutes my ankles were a throbbing. 
After another 4 grueling hours at work (I love my job no worries but some days are still harder than others), I waited patiently for the husband to pick me up so I could do my first day of couch to 5k. 
Week Workout 1 Workout 2 Workout 3
1 Brisk five-minute warmup walk. Then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes. Brisk five-minute warmup walk. Then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes. Brisk five-minute warmup walk. Then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes.

When we got home it was a frantic search for work-out clothes, while sharing an apple and mentally preparing myself to do my first day of running. I have an amazing app on my phone that tracks my speed, tells me when to walk or run and tracks my calories for me. I never have to think about it really which is perfect because I can’t stand having to watch the clock.

The first day was hard, my calves hurt and my poor IT band is so tight. But I noticed the more I ran the better it felt and pretty soon it felt better to run than walk. I mainly concentrated on my breathing techniques. I really wanted controlled breathing because if I start getting frantic I can’t run as far. Pretty soon I was breathing with the pounding of my feet and I found it much easier to breath. It felt so good. I completed the first day strong and feeling super good. Sore but good.

Dinner was zucchini lasagna and it was amazingly good. I followed the recipe posted here.

Nothing beats jamming out to 90’s music and being able to cook in the same kitchen with my husband. Having a bigger kitchen is really awesome. 

I was a dancing and a cooking. Great combination. Especially since it was loosening up my sore calves from running.

Once it came out, voila, amazing cheesy low carb lasagna. 
Very yummy. I would suggest it if you are eating low carbs. One of my friends that also made it recently says to try carrots in the sauce next time, worth a try to alter the recipe slightly to make it yummier. 
Friday is my second day of couch to 5k, I purposely gave myself rest days in between. Right now my legs feel sore but good. Honestly for the first time in a long time I am feeling super confident about being able to run the Power up for PCOS 5k in September. 
On Saturday I have yoga planned. I have been realizing that the more I sit at a desk the worst my posture gets and the tighter my leg muscles feel. My shoulders have been achy from rolling them forward. My lower back is stiff from sitting weird. I practically have no core. I know I need better posture but I also know I need to stretch these muscles out. So yoga has been placed into my weekly fitness plan. I am not the greatest at yoga, I really have no flexibility, I end up red faced, sweating and puffing but I figure practice makes perfect right? RIGHT! I have also vowed to buy a foam roller.
I have my 3rd day of couch to 5k planned on Sunday, which means I will have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn before my family shows up for a visit. It is worth it though, so very worth it!
During my stint in massage school I took some exercise science classes from an amazing teacher who was very passionate about fitness. I learned how important it was to cross train, change up your exercise routine often and he was great at teaching exactly how the muscles work. I use a lot of that knowledge in making my exercise schedules, as well as the knowledge I gained from my anatomy and nutrition courses I also took. My goals are to build strong lean muscles and flexibility right now. I am a little tired of feeling flabby. So I have been incorporating Pinterest fun strength building work-outs into my evenings when I am watching TV. I especially love the butt ones.
After the last couple of boohoo days where I have been really negative about my condition, as well as pessimistic about my ability to lose weight/get healthy, I was desperate to shake this mood. Thanks to running, a healthy dinner of zucchini lasagna and some cooking/dancing/laughing time with my best friend aka the husband, I am starting to feel less like a furiousness cranky monster and more optimistic again. 
So what is on your exercise calendar this week? 

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