Take a walk…

Yesterday I couldn’t stand sitting at a desk another minute by the time lunch rolled around. I needed a break or else I was never going to survive that day. So I convinced the co-worker to explore downtown on our lunch hour. I didn’t have to do a lot of persuading because luckily she loves to walk and see the beautiful buildings as much as I do. There is history in this broke city, beautiful history/sights right here right by our building, surrounding us actually.

Why just around the corner is the beautiful Governor’s mansion…

…Through a little park and out the other side is an oddly beautiful fountain…

My favorite part was the beautiful Cathedral. We entered during afternoon mass with other worshippers and the beauty of the inside took my breath completely away. The calmness I felt inside that church is what I imagine attracts most people. I could sit in there for hours looking at the stained glass windows and listening to the hum of people praying.
I have never been really religious, some aspects of religion I like but mostly I have a hard time with blind faith. Maybe because I wasn’t raised with blind faith, instead I was given a choice to choose whatever I wanted to believe or maybe it is because I live with a husband who is completely not religious after years of being raised as a Jehovah Witness or maybe I don’t like being given rules for my faith. 
After we walked out I told my co-worker I could be Catholic for that church, it was that beautiful. I took a flier before we walked back to our office building and vowed to return for mass soon. Word on the street is that the Christmas mass is one of the best.
That was 60 minutes of walking squeezed into one day without having to waste my home time. Boo ya! And since walking is the theme of this week, well I am thinking success.
It was quiet around this house last night, the husband was at work and I found myself enjoying some quiet time on the couch with lots of cuddles from the cat.

Today was a good day of running errands and then coming home to clean the house. I discovered if you want to get a good work out in, sweep and mop my hardwood floors. My arms and legs hurt after that adventure.

I fall in love with this house each time I come home to it, is that weird? The neighborhood, the house itself and even cleaning it makes me happy.

I wanted to squeeze in a walk but of course I ran out of time, so I have settled for left over Thai food, fat free red vines and some Storage Wars on TV with the husband!.

My only bad deed of the day was buying 50 Shades of Gray on my Kindle. I know! I just couldn’t resist even though I was trying so hard. The weird part, I am pretty excited about starting it tonight before bed. Don’t judge!

Where do you walk that is beautiful? Do you walk on your lunch break?

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