Moving madness….

It has been pure madness around here. Packing, loading up vehicles, unpacking, decorating and lots of cleaning. Moving is one of those things that takes over your life, consumes all your spare time and spits you back out exhausted. Or in the poor stressed out cats case it spits you out with a urinary tract infection that requires a vet visit and 2 weeks of antibiotics.

We started moving Wednesday of last week and finally finished the craft room/office on Sunday.

It was a crazy week with barely any sleep starting with the animals being restless our first night in the house, Wednesday. Thursday and Friday were more of just driving back and forth getting loads in our car. By Saturday we were desperate for some organization back in our lives. Starting with this…

Yep, that is one HUGE pile of clothes to fold. We had been doing laundry since Thursday and there was literally piles of clothes everywhere in the house. But by Saturday morning, after 2 hours, we were able to turn it into this…


I am absolutely in love with the amount of room in the master closet. I decided I didn’t want another dresser since the old one fell apart, so the baskets are for the things we can’t put on the shelf of the closet. Cute and makes the closet organized.

Next on our list was the kitchen…

No more using our kitchen table as a stand in counter. Everything fits, looks nice and still has lots of room to cook with. I was especially excited to be able to put the family china in a cupboard instead of being stored in bags in the spare room closet. 
When my sister showed up she helped me find a better way to set up the living room…
Now picture a grey big rug, grey couch and red chair. Those are next on my save up for list. I am going for a neutral with an eye popping color, I have always wanted a living room like that. 
After most of the boxes were unpacked, pictures were up and rooms were organized, we worked on a few last creative details…
(A place for all my necklaces)

(Office/Craft room, finding a good use for the spice rack since we now have a built in one)
The cat just enjoyed watching all the neighborhood kids riding their bikes and playing football in the street.
As you can see I am absolutely in love with the house. Of course it still needs a garden, outdoor furniture, some DIY crafts and some fun furniture pieces. We are going for no clutter, comfortable and fun colors. Last night as I was closing my eyes to sleep I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face, I am really happy. A lot of the stress and anxiety I was feeling was strictly from where I was living, the job I was working, worry about the car I was driving and it was bleeding into my whole life, including my health. Now that all the pieces have clinked together after a ton of hard work on my part, I just couldn’t be happier. 
I am sure it also helps that the Metformin has been working like a charm to help combat my PCOS. I feel like I have more energy for the first time in a very long time. It has only been 3 weeks since I re-started it, I am dropping weight, feeling more energized and my body doesn’t feel as whacky anymore. Imagine how good I will feel in a few months!
So now that I am moved I made myself a new work-out schedule for the month…
and will be trying loads of new low carb recipes. Stay tuned. Blogging shall commence now that moving has ceased. 
So what is new?


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