What’s in your make-up bag?

I am linking up with Stewart Street for what’s in your make-up bag? “I thought it would be a good idea for us to share what’s in our everyday makeup bag and maybe even list a few of our favorite products. ” Come on now, join in the fun!

I was always known as a tom-boy growing up, I can joke like the boys, climb trees, drive a stick, fix a car and curse like a sailor. I tried to be girly and wear make-up, but I looked awkward in it because well I kind of sucked at putting it on. But eventually I moved to the city, where there was an Ulta. 

The job I work now requires a professional appearance so my make-up has been reflecting that as of recently. But that isn’t the reason I have so much of it. Maybe it is just because I finally learned how to really put make-up on. Or maybe I just love feeling girly and doing something different each day. Either way don’t judge, I love make-up, maybe a little too much. I have three make-up bags and I still take over a part of the medicine cabinet. 

The BareMineral’s is the cover up I am currently trying out. I discovered a sample package at Ulta over Christmas and decided what the hell. It is amazing, seriously amazing. It covers all those little blemishes without irritating my skin, I am sold and buying a big container of it when I run out of the samples.

So these are what I use daily and have in my main make-up bag…

With the BareMinerals cover-up came a sample of lip gloss and mascara, I have to say I love the lip gloss but the mascara just doesn’t make my eyelashes pop like I want them too, so I stick to my Blow Out. Those lip glosses that also make your breath smell good from Bath and Body Works rocks!! I still love the stick eyeliners, you know, the ones you have to sharpen, I know I know I should really upgrade at some point to liquid or at least the ones you don’t have to sharpen.
Can you tell where I still love shopping for my make-up? Yep I am a sucker for Ulta. 
What is in your daily make-up bag?


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