Immune system for sale…

I love food, I just want you to know that, so when my body decides to get sick and not allow me to eat, I get a little resentful. Yep, you guessed it, I am sick AGAIN. After battling the chest cold from hell just two weeks ago, I woke up at 3:30 a.m. this morning with the worst stomach ache ever. Okay I won’t share the gory details but well lets just say I had to cancel my plans I had set up weeks ago and crawl back into my bed. Hello immune system, you suck ass!

The cat of the house keeps laying on my belly, purring loudly and licking me. I keep telling him to stop and he keeps giving me this look…
I swear he thinks he is some nurse kitty or something. I finally convinced him the best way to make me feel better was to lay at my feet, to keep them warm, because that is important. He luckily bought it.
I am going to go live in a bubble I swear. If one more sick person touches me or even looks at me, I won’t be responsible for my actions. 
I was super excited to make the Philly cheese steak bell pepper recipe I found on Pinterest, but because of the new stomach issues, I instead popped a roast in the crock-pot with a whole bunch of onion, garlic and shallots for the husband. Now I am stuck in bed, searching immune boosting foods, because darn it something needs to help me not get sick every other week in the winter. 
But enough of that complaining, well at least for now. 
So I re-started taking my Metformin a little over a week ago and I have to say, I am one impressed cookie. I have started to feel better and already my body is reacting in a good way. I got a little more energy to take on my day and this was only after a week, I can only imagine how much better I will feel after a month. Woman with PCOS are insulin resistant usually, so if my body is using the food I eat as fuel, then I will feel better, hm makes sense. So with that in mind, here is what I have learned this time around, in order to avoid the stomach issues and sick feeling with Metformin, you have to eat healthy. So low carbs and low sugars. Any time I slip and have too many carbs or sugars, I get a harsh reminder that I can’t eat those things anymore. It is used with a healthy diet not in place of a healthy diet. Good to know because last time I was taking it I didn’t know that and I was sick all the time. This time around I am using it with a healthy diet and so far no major stomach issues, well except for this stupid bug. 
Pinterest has been saving my booty because there are so many Paleo/low carb recipes to search through. I am actually having fun experimenting with new recipes, hence why I am so pissy about being sick again. In my fridge I currently have the makings for carb-less lasagna (made with zucchini instead of noodles), Philly cheese steak bell peppers and chicken stuffed with cream cheese, chives and some other kind of cheese. Not to mention the chicken salad makings for my lunches and a very yummy lunch of avocado egg salad. But alas, I am stuck in bed, so I won’t be making any of these yummy treats. BOOOOOO!!
But it is a lovely excuse to not clean the bathroom or kitchen or take out the trash, all of which does desperately need to be done but hey, I am sick right?
Okay okay, I will stop complaining, at least I get to catch up on Blogs, read my book and spend lots of time cuddling with my favorite furry critters. Plus I get the keys to my new house in 3 days. Which means I can sit here today and map out running routes for the new house. Sounds good to me!!
Have you escaped the flu monster? Got any immune building tips?


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