Healthy food choices…

Monday was pretty much a lazy day off. The critters and I spent a lot of time watching documentaries on food. Well okay I did, they slept.

It was one of those rare winter beautiful days and I felt resentful that I couldn’t enjoy the sun. First of all, I mentioned yesterday that it is dangerous to walk my neighborhood without the husband, we have really anti-social vicious dogs with short fences to contend with and then the bad part of town is only a few blocks away. He had to work all the way till 3:45 p.m., which of course meant he would get home and the sun would set an hour later. I thought about going out to our common yard to play ball with the dogs but the back neighbor had a huge amount of friends/cars in the drive-way. It isn’t any fun to play fetch when Red dog has to come sit by me every time someone walks out or drives in, the puppy playing ball is completely out of the question if there is too much activity.  
I can’t say it enough but I-CAN’T-WAIT-TO-MOVE!
So instead of enjoying the sun, I wallowed in self pity on the couch in my PJ’s, watching documentaries about eating healthy, while smelling the amazing soup slow cooking away. Remember the leek, potato and shallot soup from yesterday?

After it sat in the crock-pot for 6 hours, I convinced the husband to open the box with my mini food processor, so I was able to blend it all up. Then I sprinkled some parmesan cheese on top, cooked a roast for the main course and there is still soup left over for my lunches this week. The best part, it was amazingly delicious.
Before dinner though, the husband convinced me to throw a blanket over the backseat of the car and take the dogs to the big park down the road. This huge park is home to the off leash dog park, several play grounds, walking paths and is always PACKED on the weekends. So it wasn’t a surprise that there were too many people and the puppy went on sensory overload. See, we are trying to leash train her, so at least one dog in our house can walk on a leash properly (Red dog has been leash trained but she is a hound, so her nose is her leader and she has to be reminded constantly to not walk on the end of her leash). Unfortunatly when the two dogs are together, they are in competition for lead dog, we have made Red the lead dog this whole time, Arya has never been allowed in the house before her or ahead of her on a leash, but she is constantly struggling with Red over dominance. This means that she walks on the very end of her leash and she is a strong 35 pound dog. So we are working on properly leash training her. Yesterday it didn’t go well, the puppy had WAY too many things to get distracted with, the Red dog doesn’t help with her pulling/whining every time another dog walks by and the husband doesn’t always have the patience. But eventually we tuckered her out enough with walking that she started to listen.
Since the Red dog requires a little more tuckering out and socializing, we took her in the big dog park and let her sniff butts, steal tennis balls, you know dog things. But Arya is still awkward and can get snappish with other dogs, so the husband sat outside the fence with her until a very nice woman with a shy awkward puppy asked him if the dogs could attempt to play in the private pen. Arya did amazingly well with that one on one, she even attempted play and she didn’t bark at the other dogs as much. Whew, maybe we can get her socialized after all.
When the 3 bully dogs came in and swarmed the Red dog, who is 9 years old and not really up for dealing with asshole dogs, we decided it was time to go home for some dinner and getting ready for a work week/school week to start.
Once we got home, I got an idea and made something for those sweet tooth cravings that I am having a hell of a time shaking.
You could probably call it a homemade sorbet. I took a frozen banana, some frozen raspberries I found in the freezer and some Lactaid (because I am trying to drink that instead of real milk), blended it all in the mini processor (love that thing) and then plopped it in the freezer while dinner cooked. It was delicious (well maybe a little less banana next time) and hit the spot. I am thinking of experimenting though, adding some yogurt, maybe some more fruit and maybe a touch of honey. Got any ideas?
Last night I poured through Pinterest looking for Paleo lunches and snacks. I have been racking my brain trying to find interesting things for my work lunches. I have dinners down nicely for the most part but the biggest problem is lunches. I need things I can prep in advance and can easily transport. I also need snacks for around the house. I l-o-v-e Pinterest because I found so many ideas:
·         Paleo chicken salad with paleo mayonnaise
·         Avocado egg salad
·         Green smoothies
·         Grilled artichoke pesto zucchini bites
·         Philly cheesecake stuffed bell peppers
·         Guacamole with endives instead of chips
I am starting to learn that in order for me to stick to an eating plan that works for me, such as low carb and low sugar, I have to enjoy it. I need to be able to experiment with it and make fun recipes. Create my own versions of recipes from inspiration. Find a way to still enjoy sweets without the sugar and certain foods without the carbs.
I brought up the juice cleanse for 10 days to my husband. He has taken several nutrition courses and EMT courses, so I usually run things by him before I run them by my doctor. He said no way nuh uh to just juicing for 10 days. He didn’t like the idea of me not getting sufficient protein from the meat I eat on mostly a daily basis. He just doesn’t think that with all the problems I am having that I am healthy enough to do a just juice cleanse for 10 days. So we compromised, replace one meal a day, like breakfast with a mean green smoothie chalked full of nutrients and then eat high protein the rest of the day. I think that is reasonable, so I am going to price juicers tonight and see when I can start my challenge.
Stepped on the scale this morning and guess what? 308.4, which means another 2 pounds gone from the 15 or so pounds I packed back on over the holidays.  Whoop whoop! It is the small victories that mean the most.
How do you make healthy eating fun?

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