Dun dun duuuuuuuuuh, we have started the packing…
This time I vowed that the packing and moving would go a lot smoother than it ever has before. The last moving trip was such a mess we broke picture frames and lost whole boxes. It was a mess. So last night I packed things away, wrapping breakables in newspaper and neatly labeling all the boxes. Before long our small pile turned into…
That is our spare bedroom closet mostly. Over the last 3 years our spare bedroom closet has become the hold all due to the lack of storage space in this small tiny house. It sort of became the abyss that ate things, we would place things in there and never find them again, until now. Finally found my scrap-booking pictures and decorations I couldn’t put up because there wasn’t the wall space. I have a 3 day weekend and it will be spent sorting, throwing away and packing away the spare room/office.
Dinner break…

Spaghetti and meatballs/sausage without the spaghetti, our carb-less version and some very yummy coleslaw!
Puppy cuddle break…
and a doggie play break…
..postponed the productivity for the rest of the night!
I was going to start in on it again tonight while the husband works a night shift but I have been given strict instructions to crawl into a bubble bath with my book, relax, de-stress and go to bed early. It would appear that the husband would like me to de-stress, probably so I will stop randomly snapping. So since I have been instructed it looks like my to do list has become, seaweed mask, crawl into tub, read good book, paint nails, feed animals, crawl into bed early and go to bed. I can live with that!
Oooh but first my exciting news, 6 pounds have gone bye bye just by cleaning up my eating again. So I gained 15 pounds back and now 6 of them are gone again!!! Now once these lungs heal from this stupid bug I got earlier this week, it will be gym time again. I can’t wait to get my work-out on and see how much more I can lose. But I have noticed that this cold is going away a lot quicker than ever before, probably due to being on day 12 of not smoking. Woowee, I still mentally want to smoke and it is a struggle each day to remind myself not to drive to the corner store, pick up a pack and let myself have that moment of relief from the cravings. I can not wait till they are gone!!
I am also starting my Metformin again, actually took my first pill in months tonight. My doctor prescribed it last year and I was taking it for awhile but I soon discovered a problem. One I didn’t know very much about the drug and two I was taking it right before bed time, resulting in tummy aches in the morning. Because of school my dinner was so late I didn’t really have a choice. So I stopped taking it until I could have a regular dinner time again and of course in the mean time I got some research done. Turns out when you take Metformin for PCOS, you still need to avoid sugars and carbs because you will upset your stomach even worse. So now that my diet has been cleaned up again, I am working out again and I have an early dinner time, I am back on Metformin in hopes it helps with weight-loss and of course the side effects of PCOS. Especially since I am on month two of having a heavy period, UGH. 
Well time for a seaweed face mask and bubble bath because, well, I was instructed to!

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