First week done…

So far I am doing amazingly well at my resolutions of eating what makes my body happy and keeping to low carbohydrates.

Saturday morning, the husband was out of the house by 4:45 a.m., yes willingly, well kind of. I of course went back to bed till 8 a.m., which is when the cat decided to throw a HUGE fit over the closed bedroom door.

Once he was in the bedroom he was content to lay on top of me purring while I checked Pinterest on my phone. 
Pinterest is a slight addiction for me but there are so many IDEAS and it didn’t fail me Saturday morning because what should I find???? Baked bacon. Wait what, how did I not know about this?! 
I hate frying bacon. Hate the grease popping all over the oven and burning my poor arms. Hate it with a capital H! So I decided I would give it a try…
BEST BACON EVER!!!! No I am not kidding, 15 minutes at 400 degrees and this bacon came out so very very good. I couldn’t stop popping it in my mouth as I prepared my next Pinterest find…
Egg mcmuffins.
First I cut up some chives..
..grated the cheese, wrapped some bacon around the edges of muffin pans and poured a tiny bit of eggs in the muffin cups, added the chives, added some cheese, poured more egg in, added some more cheese and voila…
egg mcmuffins ready to bake in 350 degrees for 30-45 minutes. 
While I got ready to run out of the house, the dogs kept an eye on the oven for me…
(My poor gray haired old dog)

(The puppy aka dingo dog)
Once they were done I threw them on the oven to cool with a dish towel over the top of them. Since I was running out of the house I didn’t get a chance to try any but the husband made sure to text me when he got home to tell me how yummy they were. 
Breakfast low carbohydrate WIN!
Let’s not mention or discuss or even think about the pizza I had for dinner. I know I know, massive fail. 
Sunday morning, cup of coffee and a newspaper full of depressing news. After being horrified at what I was reading, I decided to do the fill in the blank…
Once that was taken care of, I started prepping food for the next week of work lunches and dinner for the next few nights. Everyone keeps suggesting this, because people like me, with full time crazy schedules, a commute, a gym schedule to keep and too many things to do once home, tend to slip because they are too tired to cook. I am not an exception to this rule. I always vote for eating out over waiting 45 minutes to cook. 
So I prepped a whole chicken and some bacon acorn squash soup, quick easy meals, low carbohydrates and convenient to throw into the microwave after a good workout at the gym!
(Doesn’t the chicken look like it is doing something totally inappropriate?)

The house is clean, I have two movies, a good book and the husband is heading to work. I am looking forward to an easy night and hopefully finishing my sisters scarf. 
Oh before I forget, day 3 of not smoking and I almost slipped. I got a not so pleasant surprise today and it has taken everything I have to lower my blood pressure down enough to tell myself it would not be worth it to throw away 3 days of hard work. The truth is, I always slip due to stress and maybe I am so stressed because I am quitting, maybe I would have taken it a little bit better if I wasn’t currently fighting quitting smoking. So I decided on silence and to enjoy my quiet night at home, I can deal with the drama in a few days when I am not on day 3, the hardest day for me, when I am assured my reactions are my own instead of some evil nicotine deprived crazy person. 
The patched helped for the first 2 days..
(It had to be taped down because well my skin doesn’t like sticking to the patch itself.) 
But I really just want the nicotine out of my system. So today I am attempting to free ball it, no patch, no nothing, just me fighting the constant cravings. I figure if it gets too bad I will slap another patch on. I can feel my body dealing with the toxins, I have a slightly irritated throat and a slight headache. I have chewed my lip so bad I have a sore. I have been grinding my teeth. I am prone to snapping randomly. I can smell EVERYTHING! 
Quitting smoking is by far NOT a pleasant experience, seriously don’t let anyone tell you it is easy, it sucks, sucks big time and really seriously just well um SUCKS. Non smokers don’t get it, they don’t, so it can be nearly impossible to explain why you seem like an evil twin of your former nice understanding self. But it is a necessary evil if I don’t want to keep feeling like crapola and if I want to run or hike in high altitudes in the near future, so quitting is what I will do, even if I grind my teeth down to nubs damn it. 
How are you doing on your resolutions so far?


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