Light bulb…

There is a margarita in my hand, do you know what that means? No no not that I am an alcoholic, it means it is Friday night, duh. I always feel like I should celebrate another week ending, I am a simple girl, my form of celebrating usually includes shoving the high heels in my closet, sorting the work clothes that need to be washed, washing the make-up off my face and pouring one margarita before collapsing into bed exhausted.

Do I know how to party or what?

Lately I have been obsessed with researching PCOS, reading chat forums and informational blogs. Most of the information I already knew but reading others struggles really made me feel better about my own. It is nice to know I’m not alone in this world.

One line stood out for me, “this is a serious condition and should be treated that way.”

I felt like slapping myself in the forehead, nothing like an obvious statement to light the bulb above my head in realizing a big problem I have with this condition and finding the motivation to fight it. I never take it seriously. Yes I curse it, yes I have researched it and many nights I have cried over it. But have I ever taken it seriously? Hmmm, have I indeed.

If I took it seriously would I still be drinking soda? Eating carbohydrates? Smoking? Even drinking this amazingly yummy margarita in my hand?

Probably not.

My health goals have been altered over the last year, they started out as a struggle to lose weight and now have become so much more. A struggle to overcome a health condition that has taken over my body and made me a stranger to it.

Currently I am battling anemia, a side effect of PCOS in certain situations. I have come to dread my regular doctor visits to yet again run more blood tests. I hate feeling out of energy and feeling my heart skip a beat. I hate the sore throats and bone crushing exhaustion.

Hello body, I got the memo, you didn’t appreciate the carbohydrate/sugar overloading over the holidays. Got it, check, time to take my health condition seriously.

The nicotine patch is firmly in place, I have a regular work-out schedule hanging on the fridge, I bought nothing but healthy food and I have a clean eating plan. Time to start off 2013 right!

If you're tired of starting over, stop giving up.

This time I am armed with knowledge, power, strength, motivation, a great support system and a realization that PCOS is a serious health condition.


Plus after my 36 pound loss success last year, imagine what I can succeed this year now that I am no longer in school 3 nights a week?!

What is your motivation?


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