Snow day…

New Years Eve morning, I had deep cleaned the whole house in anticipation of friends, laughter, drinks and good times to ring in 2013. Of course I had stayed up far too late doing the deep cleaning of the house, making it presentable, that I was exhausted by the time New Years Eve rolled in. BUT that didn’t matter because I am cursed, I swear, don’t give me that you are crazy look. Every year around December and New Years bad things happen. This year was not turning out any better. December was a nightmare month of fighting anemia to the point where it was scary and the stress of starting a new job, as well as leaving my old one.

New Years Eve and I missed my morning train. Then one of my Attorneys decided to come into work and I spent my day in a whirlwind of trying to get issues taken care of without my supervisor there. Then when the checks were being handed out, I was skipped. Up to the 17th floor to discover I got an advance, not an actual paycheck. The person who handles these kind of mistakes, not in till the 2nd, which I had to take off due to a dispute with my old employer. Finally left at 3:15 p.m., only to find standing room only on the commuter train. Luckily the husband decided to come from work himself and catch my train with me. Lucky because my commuter train hit a car. Being in the second car made it so I was flung forward, stepped on some poor guys toes but the husband reached his arm out steadying me before I could do any real damage to myself.

We stood on the curb, watching the guy being pulled from his car, he had tried to beat the train and had lost but he was still alive. Once they let traffic through, a bus picked us up and took us to the next light rail station, where after 20 minutes, the line was opened up and we were able to go home, two hours later.

Home wasn’t much better, we paid out all our back bills and went home with enough to have a good night. But once home we discovered that through Facebook and text messages, everyone had cancelled on us.

So we called and hunted but every single restaurant was busy and the casinos were charging $30 a pop for dinner. If only people hadn’t canceled on us so late. Nothing frustrates me more than last minute canceling, it is like saying, your time that you set aside to do something with me was not important enough for me to cancel in advance.


So I gave up, we got two action packed movies, margarita mix, gin and tonic makings and a mosh posh of food we weren’t going to be able to eat in 2013 (nachos, Chinese food and french bread with spinach dip). And I had my favorite date, who never cancels on me, my husband. He made me laugh so hard I gained a few laugh wrinkles and at midnight he made sure to give me a big kiss. Then this tired girl headed to bed.

Hello 2013. 
Since New Years Eve was a bust, we woke up on New Years Day determined to have a good day. So we decided on a snow trip without the dogs, so we could explore where to take them in a few weeks, without the puppy having to suffer through car sickness. The puppy has never seen snow, but the Red dog has had a few runs in with snow. So we are excited to see how the puppy handles the wet, cold, icy stuff. 
We found lots of beautiful vista points and rest stops to play in the snow in. Plenty of room for the dogs to run in the snow in a few weeks. 

(The husband way out there exploring the deeper snow)

Then stumbled upon a cute snow covered town to explore.

Since we seemed to be with every other city person looking for some snow fun, we spent three hours stuck in traffic on the way home, but instead of stressing about a bit of traffic we enjoyed listening to the comedy station on XM, laughing so hard tears poured from our eyes.
Woke up this morning to 28 degree weather, brrrr. Today the tree has been dragged out to the curb. The decorations boxed away again to wait another year. We have vacuumed up the pine needles (as best as we can with a vacuum that has finally broken).
Today has been a day I have been looking forward to but fearing for a month and a half now. Time to face it and see what happens.
How has your New Year been so far?

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