Good bye 2012 hello 2013…

2012 has been an amazing year. I succeeded in most of my goals for 2012, I graduated college, worked on my health and gained a new job that I love. There was some heartbreak and not so great moments, but all in all I would call 2012 mostly a success.

As for my weight loss in 2012…


Oh boy did I ever. I gained 10 pounds back over the last month, lost 2 again over the last week and am now sitting at 308. Yuck! So my 2012 weight loss was 38 pound loss, instead of a 46 pound loss. After all the baking and sugar eating, my body is in full rebelling mode. Because of the additional weight, I have spent the last month battling anemia and losing. With headaches, sore throats, feeling light headed more often than not and low low energy levels, I have even been scaring myself. Time for an over haul on my diet and lifestyle again.

2012 I concentrated on gaining a career and a college degree, I put most of my energy into that. Now in 2013 two new goals have surfaced…

1. To lose weight, concentrate on my health, eat what my body likes and get my anemia under control; and,
2. To pay off as much debt as possible.

They are the only two resolutions I am making this year. I am excited to start working hard on getting ready for spring/summer hiking, becoming a runner, eating very low carbohydrates and trying to eliminate as much sugar as possible.

Let the grocery shopping commence!

On a side note: I see all the postings about not making resolutions and I just find that having a theme for the year or an idea of things I would like to accomplish makes me feel good, in my opinion there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with wanting to set goals to improve yourself. I set the goals because it reminds me what I am concentrating on. I don’t set unmanageable goals or extreme, just a few that really concentrate on what I am working towards. To each their own!

1/1/2013-308 pounds

What are your resolutions? Any goals?


2 thoughts on “Good bye 2012 hello 2013…

  1. Oh no. You are going to hate my anti-resolution post!

    Seriously, good luck with everything. I just know that I would resolve to do something and then feel awful when I fall short.

  2. lol no I am perfectly fine with other people not making resolutions, especially if it makes them feel bad. Me though, I feel good about having resolutions and I like making them, it gives me things I want to concentrate on, kind of like a theme for the year!

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