A few changes…

It is funny how a few changes have completely revived me. The first change was getting a new job in a less toxic environment, which greatly reduced my stress and the second one was taking an iron supplement daily to help with the severe anemia I was battling. Just those two changes have given me back my energy.

Today I did a small workout of a combination of 10 minutes of kickboxing, 10 minutes of dancing and some sit-ups, squats and yoga stretches. 
(I love using these little weights to add a kick to my workout)
I would have done more but my legs are currently super sore from Friday’s fire alarm sounding and having to run down 12 floors of stairs in my office building. Luckily it was just a false alarm and even though I didn’t feel anything that day, by Saturday my calves were screaming. With a little bit of aspirin, I was able to enjoy myself walking around a Christmas arts and crafts fair but this morning I woke up again with aching calves. 
(Some festive mistle-toe anyone?)
After a nice little workout I put myself in a detox bath (sea salt and some essential oils) with a good book and a sea mud face mask. I am hoping the sea salt will make the sore calves feel better tomorrow. 
Dinner was a little bit of left-over turkey soup, which was simply amazing! All it is a little left over turkey from the turkey we cooked on Friday, some carrots, chicken stock, celery, green onions, yellow onions and a bunch of spices thrown into the crock-pot. I added a few pieces of french bread with butter. Simple yet delicious. 
Now I am working on Christmas cards, binders for work and finishing up some knitting for my nephews scarf. 
It feels good to have energy again, to be working out again and to not want to sleep all day anymore, which was all side effects from severe anemia. It also feels great to be working out again and getting into a good sleep schedule. Thinking of that, I better get back to what I was doing.
Arya says bye bye! 
Make any small changes recently that made a big difference?

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