In with the new…

On Friday morning, my first day at my new job, I awoke to rain. This normally wouldn’t have bugged me, except that I had agreed to ride the light rail to my first day of work. The husband had diligently prepared me, buying me an umbrella, picking up lunch food for me and even waking up early enough to ride with me to show me the ropes. With the thought of paying $81.00 a month to park downtown, on top of having to fill up my tank each week versus buying a $35.00 monthly light rail pass and withstanding a 20 minute ride both ways, I bundled up and shoved my nice boots in my bag to put on at work. Light rail it was.

I imagined I was on a New York subway train as I gripped desperately to the pole to keep from slipping around. I have always wanted to live in New York.

I finally arrived early enough to change into dry boots and have a few minutes to meet the other women also starting with me. Form after form, until my hand felt like it would fall off was filled out and then the fun part, getting to see my desk and meet my fellow co-workers. I have a serious love for bright and shiny office supplies. My old desk at my old work was barely big enough to spread any paperwork out on, my new desk at my new job is huge with tons of storage space and desk space. I am in office heaven, the only thing missing is a window.

The hardest part for me when starting a new job is not knowing what exactly my job is. Having to learn the ropes so to speak. I always want to skip the training and go right to the knowing what I am doing part. But alas, I cannot and all next week I will be taking classes to learn all about my new job.

I am almost positive I made the right choice. I am already in love with my new job and not just because I love wearing slacks with heels or because they gave me brand new out of the box office supplies.

I am reserving my full opinion until I actually have to do some work and interact with my co-workers though.

What else is new?

Glad you asked!

I am currently really loving the ballerina boot camps (1 and 2). I can currently do 10 reps of each of the exercises but I am working towards 15 reps. Ever since I slid in the snow, my knee and right hamstring were causing a lot of grief, but after a few times of doing the ballot boot camps, the pain has slowly been going away.

I am almost done with my nephews scarf and I am attempting my very first knitted hat.

It is also December 1st, the day I anticipate all of November, because that is the day the husband will let me get a Christmas tree. I look forward to this day, I picture the kind of tree I want and with the lack of Christmas spirit going around this house these days, I really wanted a tree even more today. So after our plans of cutting down a live tree were cancelled, we decided to head to the local hardware store for a tree instead.
It’ll do! 
It has been pouring down rain with huge gusts of winds for almost four days now. I have to say that I am over the mud, flooded streets/yard and getting soaked anytime I want to go anywhere. Plus I am itching to be able to take some walks with the dogs, but none of us want to end up soaked or blown away. So we shall wait these storms out. 
I am on day three of quitting smoking. I have battled two nights of no sleep and constant sweating, I am currently working through my third night and all I can hope for tonight is sleep. Well and the strength to stay a non smoker. 
With a little push from my doctor, I am finally taking iron pills for my anemia plus quitting smoking and both are slowly starting to make me feel a little bit better.  
The smell of the pine tree is helping as well. 
Tis the season!


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