Breathing space…

Howdy, long time no see stranger. I know I know, it has been me that has been the moody silent sullen one, not you. But I needed some breathing space to think and since I have had three weeks off of work, I have had plenty of time for it. In the mean time I also have been…

Sneaking up on the puppy while she is being cute and snapping pictures…

Doing the same to the cat who hasn’t left my side for longer than 5 minutes…
Baking the most amazing pumpkin cheesecake muffins EVER…
Checking off every single item on my fall bucket list…
And last but not least, knitting my nephews scarf now that I am done with my nieces…
Yeah I agree, I need to go back to work. One more week and I will be starting my new job. Can not WAIT. With my new job will come some other major changes and goals. 
  1. Get back on track with my exercising again;
  2. Reduce carbs again;
  3. Set a monthly budget that includes placing money away in savings;
  4. Pick one thing off the negative side of my credit to pay off and when I am done paying one, move on to the next;
  5. Sign up for Spring semester at the local city college, I am thinking creative writing and Spanish;
  6. Keep writing because it is cheap therapy and I have been really loving it lately;
  7. Try new things and get back to the things I used to love; and,
  8. Get back to a normal sleeping schedule.
I gave myself one last day of being super lazy and wallowing, starting tomorrow we are back in motion and living life. I need to find what I love doing and it won’t happen if I don’t start trying new things. Even if they scare me, like taking a Zumba class or trying out for a co-ed softball team. 
What is new with you??


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